Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Waiting for the Waves of Change.....11.27.07

*{ Al Stewart Dedicated to Patriot in the Northwest that loves Al, this is the BEST version of "On the Border", it is a very political song.....this LIVE version from 1988 is amazing, Peter White totally calms and soothes the restless masses with his guitar, it is magical. And then the orchestra sweeps in.....and the Crowd starts waving flags...}*
I am waiting for Waves of Change to Sweep in....We need it at this point. Someone tell me HOW could the president sit around yesterday afternoon and SIGN a DEAL with Iraq, signing OUR LIVES and MONEY away FOREVER. AND No One said a word, NOTHING...... I can not be the only one that feels this Rage building across the Country, people fed up that this Dictator does Whatever he wants, whenever he wants.And yes, it worries me HOW it was done, and with such Hubris, and with such Incredibly Bad Timing, he KNEW that Tuesday was the Middle East Peace Talks day, WHY sign Anything before speaking to other Countries in the Region, especially the countries that are absorbing Millions of Iraqi Refugees....Or was it all because the UN Sanctions for US Occupancy expire soon....

The Waves have to start soon before the Psychopath of a Misleader Makes any more "Deals".......or Worse. What can we do to Help the Waves ?

"Genius is the talent for Seeing things Straight.It is seeing things in a straight line without any bend or break or abberation of sight, seeing them as they are, without any warping of vision." Maude Adams


FOOTNOTE: Please do Stop over to Cosmic Messenger, there is a New Post up that is very interesting.....especially for those of us tired of having the Media Telling us WHO to vote for....
And I have a favor to ask, People have been trying to figure out Where Chuck of Bushamericka2 is ? and is he okay? If ANYONE knows anything, or has News...or an email address please email enigma4ever@earthlink.net, thank you.


Coffee Messiah said...

Uh oh, you mean we're "not" supposed to vote for who we are told too?

Gulp! ; (

just joking.....hope all is well your way! Cheers!

TomCat said...

Great minds, E4e. :-)

An added note is that this "agreement" will not be a formal treaty, so there will be no need for Senate ratification. Fancy that!

an average patriot said...

That was great! Anyway I was going to write about that yersterday but I didn't think it was news because he already spoke his intentions to be there permanently and as for the timing?
I have your answer! I wrote on it just a while ago. It dawned on me when I was listening to the speeches.
I didn't bring the link with me but if you have a second take a peek at my post. I have a lot to say about this but I won't get carried away right now. Check that out, all I can say is divide and conquer has not failed him yet!
aw give me a minute and I'll get the link. You will agree I believe!

an average patriot said...

Here you go enigma
Bush's Politics of divide and conquer are being used on the middle east

Anonymous said...

I'm still scrataching my head about the MSM's total blackout of the Scott McCllelan (sp) admission.

Guess they're following Nancy Pelosi's political dictate ... IMPEACHMENT'S OFF THE TABLE!

Bush's Annapolis PEACE ACCORD is like a WET DREAM for him. Since the only orgasm he's achieved lately is with his Cabinet mistress he's probably hoping together they can bring this summit to a sucessful climax.

Most impotent males like Bush need some form of manipulation to attain satisfaction. Perhaps she can help Dubya get his (LEG)ACY up before this gathering concludes.


D.K. Raed said...

That was a wonderful Al Stewart/Peter White vid. Thanks! As for the psychopath-in-chief, after listening to his slurred speech & butchered names of Abbas & Olmert today, I guess it's a good thing he's not spending much time at the "peace talks". He's a stumbling international disaster.

proudprogressive said...

I did write about this so called deal yesterday among other things. It is horrifying i tell ya !! this maniacal silverspoon dipshit does think he is an emporerer and for ME it exposes and means ONE thing - EMPIRE - be warned my post is kind of depressing. Its out of our hands. Now that does not mean walk away from the process in a huff - but seeing things clearly means that WE come fully to grips with the dem/thug scam ! Good cop bad cop - As Eisenhower originally Said - beware of the "CONGRESSIONAL" industrial complex. Did you know they made him take out the word "congressional" This is Hegemonic behavior and all the spin is just white wash. Even this election cycle is really the status quo - Until we have an impeachement the pendulum will not swing much - that model is not applicable anymore anyhow - sad but in my mind true.

Its amazing how easy it really is to control 300+ people. We are at the end of another guilded age. Only this time the media is on Steroids and holding hands with the powers that be vs. the people.

good bye america

azgoddess said...

well my friend - i thought you might want to see this one - best documentary i've seen in awhile...


watch it in it's entirely and it gives solutions at the end...hugs