Thursday, November 15, 2007

Thursday Night Music 11.15.07

If you survived the Debates you deserve a treat....So here it is.
As ever I always remain committed to finding Beautiful Strong Women Performers and Artists......So do click the title.... The Music for tonight is Anggun, she is lovely and an Enigma and an Amalgam. She is one of the few Asian Women Artists to cross Many Barriers, she is Indonesian, from Bali. Yet she is a Known Star in Asia, Indonesia, and Europe and Canada and America. She sings in English, Javanese, Indonesian, and French. She is also Muslim, divorced twice and living with her husband in France and she is also a Mother. She has sung for and With Peter Gabriel and Enigma, and Duran Duran.She has a very powerful voice. The Name of this Song is "I'll Be Alright" , She wrote it after her first divorce, and it was all about her finding her way on her own as a Woman from Bali. She Sold her Record Company she had there so she could try for International Markets.The Video shows both worlds and how they collide, and also highlights the beauty of Bali, as well as her Balinese Dancing......She is a wonderful performer and if you like this song, check out "Snow on the Sahara". Have a Good Night.

*{Please do read the VET Suicide post below, it is important. And also please do see my Commentary over on Cosmic Messenger today. }*


enigma4ever said...

my son said she sounds 80ish...Pat Bennatar's voice?....too funny...

betmo said...

i was thinking not so much rock and roll- as clannad or a stronger enya. :) definitely enigma influence :) lovely. she actually reminds me more of shakira- that deep powerful voice- very beautiful and graceful.