Monday, November 26, 2007

Monday Night Music 11.26.07

*{Click the title" MrMister " Broken Wings"}*
Not a bad Monday.....Mr.Bush had a private meeting with Al Gore, I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall for that...and Mr.Cheney is not feeling well, something about his "heart" ( I always find that comical, that he actually has a working heart). And another Repug Mainstay is quitting, for questionable reasons. I find it soooo interesting that all of these Diehard Repugs are jumping ship, not even offering to help with the Presidential Elections...and tomorrow the "Peace Talks " are being held in Annapolis. ( WHY Annapolis? I have no idea, but I guess a Naval Base sends that Military Tough Guy messege that Bush loves). And susposedly Mr Bush signed Some Kind of Deal to keep us in Iraq Forever, we can talk about THAT all week...

Hope Everybody got home safe and sound....Have a good night.


Thomas said...

Annapolis, because it has great crab cakes, and is a nice little college town, like West Point unassuming college town, REALLY
I've been to both!
(scouts honor)

enigma4ever said... good to see you...ahhhh crab cakes- that is are so right...

William : I wrote you below- but something in your Cat picture keeps making my site crash- you are welcome to visit- identify yourself, and leave the Cat picture at home- It has set off the my security alert-
so sorry But I have to delete your comment AGAIN- please leave the "peace kitty " picture at home- and then you can visit. Thanks.

Larry said...

Larry Flynt is behind Trent Lott quitting.

Blue Herald

The Future Was Yesterday said...

Are they really "quitting", or are they setting themselves free to wander unnoticed and wreak even more havoc?

azgoddess said...

love the mister..thanks for sharing!