Saturday, November 10, 2007

Saturday Afternoon ...11.10.07

So here is the Scoop , you think you have the World's BEST Chili Receipe, right ?It is your Pride and Joy right ? And it is a Classic, has "Goodies" in it and Special Top Secret Ingredients....So if you think you have the Best Receipe,put it in Comments. Now the PRIZE, yes there is a Prize, DemTom of the Northwest has nicely donated a Prize, a really good one. Valerie Plame's Book....


TomCat said...

Unfortunately, TC's Gehenna is not done according to a recipe. It's a little different each time. The only things that remain the same are the screams of anguish from the neighbors and the Bio-hazard trucks parked in front of the building afterward.

Josie said...

TomCat, does that nean if I go to dinner at your place, I have to wear my HazMat suit? Heh.

Enigma, I don't have a chili recipe. *sigh* Will my recipe for beef bourguignon do?

I did a painting of some fall leaves if found, they were so beautiful. Perhaps I'll post them so you can see.


Larry said...

I don't have a chili recipe but I do have a spoon and a bowl.

enigma4ever said...

No contributions yet...hmmm....I might have to put mine up....

Thomas said...

come on sport fans, don't make me win my own book recipies we need recipies!!!

enigma4ever said...

I know , and if I put up my really good HOT reciepe- well that won't look good...will it ? would look rigged...and we can't have that...

Thomas said...

No, we can't have a rigged contest, that ... that would be so REPUBLICAN

D.K. Raed said...

Ok, here's the deal. I rarely cook anything that takes over an hr or uses more than 10-ingredients, but have a sister who makes chili for almost every family gathering. It's unusual, it's her specialty & is a family favorite. See what you think:

WHITE CHILI (serves 4)
1-lb ground turkey breast
1-can pinto beans, rinsed & drained
1-can stewed tomatoes, undrained
1-can tomato sauce

1-yellow bell pepper, cut in thin strips, top & seeds removed
1-yellow onion, diced
2-tsp whole coriander seeds
2-tsp celery seeds

1-tbsp chili powder
1-tsp paprika
1-tsp ground cumin
1/2-tsp dried oregano, crumbled
salt to taste

In a frying pan, quickly brown & crumble ground turkey, leaving it mostly pink, pull out of pan & set aside to drain well on paper towels.

Pour off all but 1-tbsp drippings & quickly barely stir-fry pepper & onion in that same pan, not cooking them completely.

Crush coriander & celery seeds together (use a mortar & pestle), add to the hot fry pan & turn OFF heat. Put the barely cooked turkey back in there & let that sit while you do this:

In a heavy pot, put all remaining ingredients, starting with the liquids first. Stir well. Heat on med-high til it just starts to bubble, then add everything from the frying pan & keep heating until it just starts to bubble again. Turn heat down to very low, put on a tight-fitting lid & let it simmer for 2-3 hrs.

Apprx every 1/2 hr, lift lid & stir well. Make sure it's NOT boiling, just simmering. If it looks too thick to you, add a little water.

She serves it with Vermont White Cheddar grated on top, cornbread on the side. Warning: it's not firehouse chili, it's actually quite healthy, not something LBJ would've served.

The Future Was Yesterday said...

"you think you have the World's BEST Chili Receipe, right ?"


I KNOW I have the world's best chili!:)

Gryphen said...

I will not embarrass my rudimentary cooking skills by posting any recipes, but I will take a moment to endorse the Plame book.

I have been reading it for a few days, and it is a fascinating look behind the scenes of how Valerie's outing affected her, her family, and her job.

I will admit to being a little frustrated by the many pages with the redacted portions (I do so want to know what is hidden behind the black lines!)But the book is a no frills look at how this administration callously disposes of those who get in their way.

P.S. By the way I have reposted my picture on my blog after removing it for silly reasons.

enigma4ever said...

Well, now this is getting better, we have DK's reciepe...and it is VERY good...I drool even reading the reciepe....and Futures is so good he won't share....but that is okay...atleast we know he is thinking of thomas...I will give it another 24 hours....( I am hoping that SUMO enters too, she is a great is Pursey....)

Gryphen: ahhhhh, thank you for coming over and sharing the Book Review...excellent...hmm, now I am heading over to take a look at that photo...

D.K. Raed said...

Hey, you should check out, Spadoman posted a wonderful chili recipe! It's under Round Circle(Spadoman) on your blogroll, then click his new food blog, "Playing with Food" on the left sidebar. He not only gives the recipe, but lots of description of how to put it all together. Makes a good point about when to add the beans, etc.

enigma4ever said...

omg...marvelous...hmmm, he has been hiding over away....well Dk it is down to the two of you....and he has a food blog...yikes..10 pounds heading my way.....