Saturday, November 10, 2007

Saturday Night Music....11.10.07

Tomorrow is Veterans Day. We are so fortunate in Blogatopia to have many wonderful Bloggers that have served Our Country and are still Noble Warriors, please pay them a visit this weekend and share your love and honor them. Also stop by some of the Military Families that we have and give them Support and Thanks.

New posts up tomorrow...Have a good night...share the love...namaste.

Blogs to Visit:
Spado at Round Circle, who has an amazing post up about being a VET, Newsguy,Dada who has an incredible post up about Walls ( The Wall) , Deudersonn and An Average American Patriot, Mary of Get Your Own, and Dizzy.......and I will add others as my feeble brain remembers...or email me others I


enigma4ever said...

I am sure I have forgotten people...or people I know I should have remembered me so- please email me and correct me

I too wish to honor my Great Uncle Stu (WWII), my cousin Bobby ( Vietnam).....

Jamie said...

So many veterans in our family, but I always think of this as my dad's day because he is buried in a Veteran's cemetery in Arizona. Today I put up "In Flanders Fields" for all the Veterans with a link to Arlington.

May this day in their honor bring comfort to all those who have lost loved ones who served so gallantly.

msliberty said...

Thank you for this call to action. My brother and sister-in-law are both veterans.

Thomas said...

My Dad was USMC, both brothers, Air Force, I tried to join the Air Force during Vietnam, but my dad hung up on the Air Force recruiter saying I'm not having any more sons in the goddam airforce....
So I went graduated HS and went to College instead, to this day I always fly the flag, it is MY flag too, it does not just belong to the right wing.
I am a patriot, I love my country, and am a proud Democrat


dada said...

Hi enigma -- Happy VD to you too! (I'm a day late for the traditional one, but today being the official "holiday," I'm a bit confused--nothing new there.)

Oh, and yes, thank you, kind soul, for that nice little blog plug.

Hopefully our government's off celebrating this day, giving our psyches a chance to rest and regenerate. (I think they are, both of our good senators came to town over the weekend. Otherwise, it's been perfect!)

Happy VD everyone!

an average patriot said...

Morning Enigma
Just thought you might get a kick out of this Guys? site. He wrote along the same line I did and commented yesteerday. His, her site is The enigma

azgoddess said...

thanks for the great reminder - i sent a greeting to all the vets i know on my myspace page...hugs and peace!