Monday, October 27, 2008

Obama's Speech in Canton,Ohio Today "Closing Arguments"

Obama never went to Court when he worked as a Lawyer...but WOW....he can really "Close"....Final 6 minutes of his speech today...( the stock market went up 209 as he spoke...then McCain spoke...and it dived.....Again.)...Watch..

( Nice that today the cable stations showed the speech- funny they can not show the HUGE weekend rallies for 100,000 but they can show the smaller venues..what is THAT about ??? Today McCain gave another small event in Dayton- over the weekend he gave events at small school gyms- for 500's event again was about 500 squished in on one side of the gym....he kept stumbling and trying to say something about "re-distributing wealth" but he was having a difficult senior moment).
AND look....Ohio is still looking BLUE...


X. Dell said...

I think I understand what's going on here. Stevens will run despite his felony conviction, with genuine hopes of retaining his Senate seat. He can't serve from Prison, so he will resign, and Palin will appoint a successor, which could be her.

If Stevens suspends his bid, the Democratic nominee will win (you would think the opposition would be a shoe-in when they handed down the indictments last summer).

enigma4ever said...

well- if Ms Moose does not condemn him..well that would be interesting...that would mean she does intend to replace herself..

( if Stevens had any dignity he would resign...)

HelenWheels said...

Ha! Great minds... I found it first thing this a.m. & posted. I hadn't gotten to see it yet. I was waiting for it all day yesterday but no luck! Only excerpts. A great speech, indeed and SO inspiring. Geez.

You must be ECSTATIC that Ohio is turning blue! That is utterly AMAZING!

I am hoping that early voting helps our cause. I didn't early vote but I live in CA and we're safe dem so I don't worry. And I'm also in the uber-liberal pocket of CA so ...

I find it so fascinating all the people waiting in long lines to vote. I never have waited in long lines. When I lived in Chicago, they could be a *tad* long but never here in L.A. So it will be interesting to see if this election brings in more folks than usual.

I'm so excited and my sis is marrying her partner on Saturday so that if Proposition 8 passes, they can sue the gov't. More on that some other time.

X. Dell said...

If Stevens had any dignity, he wouldn't be a convicted criminal.