Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sunday Morning.....pumpkin carving, global hope, and more....

So if you want to learn about the YES WE CARVE site, just click the Pumpkin over on the sidebar...and get carving..and take photos yes, down below more Obama videos, some inspiring and others are new, from around the world...and a couple of articles too...I will be back later after I find a NYT and a Pumpkin latte....


Fran said...

Mornin' E: ~ PBS & You Tube have launched project VIDEO YOUR VOTE

They are asking people to video document your voting experience.

Hold your democracy accountable.

They also had this clip about Voting do's & don'ts

* Do NOT take a provisional ballot if the electronic machines are down for a while because your vote may or may not be counted.

• IF you have been purged off the votes registration DO fill out a provisional ballot.

Let's get the word out!

kid said...

Hey E, there's a photo of Sen.Obama kissing Hillary on the lips.2 deep 4 me.Hillary may have hurt her Hillbilly cred.Hill welcome back 2 da hood.

enigma4ever said...

I saw a photo of them hugging would be easy to photoshop it just a smidge to make it more interesting....urgh...but thanks for mentioning it....yuck..