Thursday, October 30, 2008

Senator Ted Stevens is a Convicted Felon, but he is also DELUDED and WHY he says he is NOT a Convicted Felon...

Omg...this is rich....Uncle Teddy says that UNTIL the Appeals Process is over, he is not really a criminal...that he did NOTHING wrong....Well, gee what is going to happen when he is sentenced....????My Alaskan Friends please send him to the Big House soon, when you Vote Begich in....thank you..


Randal Graves said...

So all those evil murderers and rapists aren't actually guilty until they've exhausted all of their appeals? Who knew Senator Tubes had such a big heart!

enigma4ever said...

silly us- thinking that all those people were quilty...shheesh..

and I heard one of his aides Questioned that he was REALLY heard by a Jury of his "peers"???? !! Like they were not good enough ????

( 6-6 said that maybe it should have been a jury of other Corrupt Stupid Politicians- Larry Craig, Vitter, Foley etc etc)