Tuesday, October 14, 2008

UK Guardian article sets things straight about the Repugs and their ACORN concerns....

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Ingrid said...

I have no more respect for anyone still claiming to be republican. I know that most even intelligent people will feel that they have to support them, but they are not supporting a republican party that actually had certain principles and genuine differences..they are supporting traitors of their own party ideals.. somehow, inspite of their 'intelligence', they gotta be dumber than a bag a' hammers!!


btw.. is your sinus thing allergy related? Have you ever used rhynatan?(combo decongestant/antihistamine..my son uses it)..
hang in there and keep decongesting..at some point it has to be emptied out..poor you..that always leaves me nauseous like hell..
take care E'ster..I am dreaming of next summer and can't wait to hug you and welcome you to 'our fold'..