Sunday, May 17, 2009

About Torture ( Daily Kos and Skippy also posting....thanks to Tom for reminding me to post)


Annette said...

This was a great clip.. I went to the CNN site and listened to the full 18 minutes.. that was pretty good too. But this was the money part.

But as he says.. we are getting sidetracked by pictures, Pelosi and all this little stuff instead of watching the Big Picture of what Cheney did.. The story of him trying to torture Iraqi citizens to link 9-11 to Iraq and Saddam is there, they have proof of it now, but since everyone is all tied in knots over pictures and Pelosi they are missing the stories.

Shiny objects and loud noises as Bob always says..

We need to be pushing for trials and putting the pictures in as evidence, I don't need to see them.. just use them in court.

tom said...

All part of the friendly service, this is a GREAT clip,
I just might watch it again!!!