Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Broken Healthcare STILL in New Orleans....

Over three and half years after Katrina the Health Care system in NOLA is still crippled....Still...4 minute video says it all.

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Fran said...

That should be a crime.

But so many people just left for good.
They don't want to mess with potentially having to deal with another major hurricane again. So many insurance companies just called it an act of god & did not cover the losses- and got away with it.

People do not have the time/energy/resources to legally go after insurance companies that bilked thousands, who instantly became homeless.

So many more things nationwide are so effed up since then. there are even less resources available.
A part of future STIM packages should include some kind of program that allows landowners to either doze ruined properties, or set a date when the Feds can. So many houses that were 12 feet under water have toxic mold and a stench so bad, they can never be inhabited again.

this would give people jobs, and get NOLA cleaned up. Maybe the worst hit lowest areas should not be rebuilt. Or should become memorial gardens.

People can pull together... get Oprah & big name entertainers together for concerts or $5000 a plate dinner parties to get NOLA the attention it needs.