Friday, May 01, 2009

Friday 5.1.09 Swine Flu Update....( at New Swine Flu Blog)

So here's the thing, since last weekend Swine Flu consumed this blog. So in effort to focus on multiple issues, I moved most of the Swine Updates to a NEW Blog and also will post there daily. So Click the Title and go to the New Blog For Daily Swine Flu Updates, and it is also on a Button on the Sidebar, has good information and updates. As a nurse I am committed to covering this medical situation and monitoring it, as my main concern is that as a Nation we have over 50 Million UnInsured and UnderInsured without Healthcare facing this situation. So when one looks at it from that perspective it is serious.

Huffpost does have latest today about the Connection to American HOG farms in Mexico, and some more news that may connect this back another hog strain of 1998,and yes, this virus is indeed connected to Hog Waste Practices.


Fran said...

That CDC site is soooo slow to update. Same numbers this morning as yesterday.
I know they only publish confirmed cases, but it almost seems they are suppressing the numbers & flow if info.

enigma4ever said...

they update the site every day at 11 am...
they say...
most days it is after 12 Noon....

( it lacks information too...we need to know age and hospitalized rate of incidence too..)

don't forget that I moved everything to the new swine blog..thanks..

enigma4ever said...
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enigma4ever said...

here are the latest numbers- they were up late today.

# of laboratory confirmed cases
Arizona 4
California 13
Colorado 2
Delaware 4
Illinois 3
Indiana 3
Kansas 2
Kentucky 1
Massachusetts 2
Michigan 2
Minnesota 1
Nebraska 1
Nevada 1
New Jersey 5
New York 50
Ohio 1
South Carolina 16
Texas 28 and 1 death of mexican toddler
Virginia 2

TOTAL COUNTS 141 cases 1 death
International Human Cases of Swine Flu Infection

I don't think this is completely updated- I know that there have been atleast 6 tested from Chicago and atleast 6 tested here, and also Washington has tested 6, and DC has more cases too- that are not listed......I will check back.

enigma4ever said...

3PM update::::

400,000 Antiviral doses have been sent to Mexico, as of today.

US has 134 cases in 19 states ( the CDC site has 141?)

300 schools across the country remain closed.