Friday, May 22, 2009

Scotland's Wind this and then someone explain to me WHY we could NOT have Windfarms in Every State here ?

WOW Snippet from the Guardian Articale, click the title to read the whole article...:::
"Both projects would significantly boost Salmond's plans for half of all Scotland's electricity to come from green sources by 2020. The interim target – to generate 31% of electricity from renewable sources by 2011 – has already been surpassed, officials said.
Salmond said Scotland had the theoretical potential to generate 60 gigawatts of green energy, ten times the country's peak demand, because of its geographical position."
CBS 12.07.07 Wind Energy Story ( texas)

( President Obama's Stimulus package does have funds in it for Wind Energy, which is a good investment and will create jobs for those upgrading the grid , but also for building turbines....)

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