Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Stunning Dan Abrams interview with Gonzo and Ashcroft, Bush's Lawyers

Okay....I would love to see video of this intervier...oh how I wish I had been there..Anyways.....there are some Holy Crap Moments in this interview...do read the whole thing linked to the title, but ALSO do look at the flow of questions- and here is the really odd thing- it was a fairly conservative Repug group- they should have been appreciative of Gonzo and Ashcroft- but not the flow of Questions and WHO got the Applause- it is Stunning.....They were rallying Dan on...amazing :::

PAGE 2....Ashcroft basically explaining HOW a president can Change Laws::::
""JA: I believe there’s been a law change since some of these memos were originally written. And I think if the president wanted to, he could withdraw and discontinue things, maybe predicated on the change in the statute, which was endorsed, I think, by the Republican candidate for president and in the legislative process as well, as the members of the Senate generally and the House, and signed by the president. So, it may well be that there is a minimization of the potential damage here that could happen based on a discontinuity, but I think that General Gonzales makes a point that’s worth understanding.""

( well, love how he calls Gonzo "General Gonzales"????what.....Gonzo was White House Counsel when many of the Original Torture Memos were written and the torture started...General ??? and how Laws could be changed....all that has to happen is the President Sign it ???)

And Do read ALL of Page 4, Dan asks Key Questions about Waterboarding and BOTH men give incredible answers, even when confronted with OUR history as a Country.

Basically please do read the whole thing...We need Dan Abrams back on MSNBC....he is more astute than Gregory or Dodd... BTW he did a stellar job last year during the Election....I used to love his late show with Rachel Maddow and Ron Reagan and his little jazz band- very cool...

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ZenYenta said...

Dan Abrams - yes. I liked him, too. I kind of forgot about him. You're right. MSNBC could use him.