Friday, May 01, 2009

Boehner in his new Youtube video takes fearmongering to whole new level....

So on his youtube site he has posted his latest piece of crap video...I am soooo embarrassed that he is from Ohio....anyways the latest "creation" is called "Do you Feel Safer" and is unreal- such fearmongering will amaze you, but also the number of lies....and the music I am pretty sure is stolen from Batman ....but 58,000 boneheads have watched it the title.
( WHO the hell is paying for him to make these professional shitty videos is my question? so here is my question if he stole the music- or borrowed it illegally- Youtube will take away his audio- so if anyone can figure this out let me know.....)


Fran said...


The Video asks "Do you feel safer?" Yes, yes I do.
Today is the anniversary of the Shrub announcing that combat is over- the Mission Accomplished op-- we were fed so many lies... lies to get into war, lies to stay at war, lies about torture. Lies about WMD's, and lies about Plame.

I never felt safe w Bush at the helm, and although I do have very serious concerns about a surge in Afghanistan & drone bombing in Pakistan,

What happened to diplomacy?

I think announcing a surge of troops years in advance only served to give al Qaeda a heads up to prepare.

But clearly the torture & war based on lies does NOT make us safer.

I feel disgusted.

Distributorcap said...

i hope he gets trapped in a tanning booth

i hate this douche.