Wednesday, May 13, 2009


This is Sabrina Harmon posing with a Corpse, A CORPSE....there were 400 cases that WE the American People NEVER heard about....and yes, CORPSES ....from Abu Gahrib ???? and WHERE else ? Black Prisons ? Gitmo ? Sabrina posed with atleast 8 (that I found photos of.)....There are MORE such photos, there are the ICE incidents, there are the Women and Children that were Held on the Shower Wing of Abu Gahrib IB,- WE need to KNOW WHY.....WERE PEOPLE TORTURED IN AN ATTEMPT TO GET THEM TO FALSELY CONFESS TO CONNECT IRAQ TO AL QUEDA OR 911 ??? ( Click the title to learn more about Sabrina and ALL the crimes that went on in Iraq , that was Ordered by the Bush Regime and Carried out by Contractors in Iraq).There was much focus on Abu Gahrib and the "bad apples " and Lindy and a Leash- SOMEONE needs to ask about the Corpses ???? And about families held ? and People Held in Trash Cans of Ice - and YES, there are Photos...... About the Rapes, of young girls ? At the Prison? About Medical People needed to Stitch up the Dog Bites ? And yes, about the Corpses......And WHO Ordered ALL of This And Which Contractors "Handled" the Orders ?

( if need be do I need to post the rest of the Photos that I have found and that were sent to me by VETS ???......)
President Obama has Broken his FIRST and Most Important Promise. Torture is NOT who we are as a People. The Bush Regime Tortured in OUR Name, there MUST be Investigations, TRUTH and Prosecution. On his 3rd day in Office President Obama did ReHonor and Resign FOIA Laws and Signing Statements that Bush had destroyed. ACLU has worked on this situation for many years, this is about Telling the Truth to the Public. Demand to see the Torture photos, if the Administration wants to withold the photos of the Soldiers - that is their choice....BUT the Rest of the 2000 Photos should be released. The Congress and the Senate already saw them Privately in 2004, so that makes it a Cover Up. 400 Cases of Abuse of "Misconduct", and how Many Corpses ?

I as a Nurse KNOW that Medical People were used to assist with People Being Tortured, I am not backing down, Torture was committed in all of OUR names.....The World Knows this and that International Laws were Violated.

And let's be honest....there are Many Troops that Know the Truth, and the Iraqis Know the Truth, and So does the Bush Regime......It's time we ALL knew the Truth.
Support the ACLU....Support their work for the Truth....and Call the White House. The Phone Number is on the sidebar.



NEWSGUY said...

Nurse, I have been hearing on Air America that our people, military or civilian, I don't know, actually tortured children in front of their parents in order to get parents to talk.

Cheney's media tour is designed to taint the jury pool in the event there ever is a jury pool. He wants that one person on the jury who will vote not guilty. That's all it takes.

enigma4ever said...

This is the Truth about Sabrina Harmon - and her "military trial".....

"Sabrina Harman was convicted on six of the seven counts on May 16, 2005 with an acquittal on one of the maltreatment charges. A military jury of four Army officers and four senior enlisted soldiers deliberated for about 3½ hours before returning their decision. They found her guilty on one count of conspiracy to maltreat detainees, four counts of maltreating detainees and one count of dereliction of duty.
The jury acquitted Harman on one maltreatment count that accused her of photographing a group of Iraqi detainees who were forced by prison guards to masturbate in public. This acquittal was due to the testimony of one of Harman’s co-defendants who established the fact that she was not present when that incident occurred. The jury also found that she did not commit two of the nine acts that were part of the dereliction charge, but she was convicted of the overall offense.
Harman was sentenced to six months in prison with credit for 51 days already served and a bad conduct discharge. She reportedly showed no reaction while the jury foreman read each of the verdicts, and she left the building without offering any comments to the press."




Dick has a problem- he is also trying to get ANYONE to back is not about a Jury pool...there will never ever be a "trial" will go has to....

( and there are People already looking into it...)

enigma4ever said...

And were families held and THINGs done to family Members to get Others to "talk"- yes. Newsguy....that is the truth....

( and yes, I have had letters from Vets about this....)

the walking man said...

E...You want the pictures, you have reasons, but I am curious are you prepared for the backwash from their publication?

Are you prepared for the extreme propaganda value to the middle east religious & political extremists and the escalation of "insurgent" attacks in Iraq and Afghanistan? Are you prepared for more attacks on these shores?

You are demanding the pictures...but are you willing to pay for it in more blood? Every debt comes with a cost E, whose child do we want to pay it in our name?

If there is a political will to charge the past administration with crimes it will come with or without the pictures and if there isn't then no picture will force it.

Sewmouse said...

I am of two minds on this one. Yes, we do not want to continue the coverup - but if you listened to the Judiciary Committee hearings yesterday, the coverup IS being exposed.

I know that having the photos in their faces may help convince the 21%'ers - but as Walking Man says - is it worth the price of possibly giving the extremists additional information to inflame THEIR 21%'ers?

Remember the ruckus over CARTOONS? I know that if another country were to release photos of their people torturing ours, we would ALL be incensed, even if it had happened 10 years ago.

I'm just torn on this SPECIFIC bit.

Gryphen said...

Absolutely right on Enigma!

I could not agree more that this President Obama was elected to bring us the truth and he needs to keep that promise!

Human said...

We need to stop the Racket that is War.
The only way do this is to face the Truth of it all. The release of the photos will go a long way toward this.
I've called President Obama. I've written to President Obama too. And I'll do it again.
However, it is becoming increasingly evident that President Obama is becoming the LBJ of this era.

Distributorcap said...

this is disturbing on so many levels.....

i can not believe we are witnessing this

Fran said...

Hell- It's starting to look like a Cover Your Ass (CYA) fest out there.

• Cheney is talking- blaming others of course (whoah!!)

• Pelosi had a presser saying the CIA lied.

It does look like this house of cards is starting to fall.

It pisses me off that the CA beauty queen story is getting more press than the need to get independent counsel appointed for an investigation.

Forget about Congress investigating it's own.

landsker said...

Hi Enigma,
The torture issue is keeping public attention away from the bombing campaign in Afghanistan, and the drones that bomb Pakistan.
Every single day.

In fact, the US airforce is unrelenting in its` killing of muslim civilians and children.
Over 100 children, since Obama took office.
He is the commander, he could order them to stop.
But no, either from fear or smug complacency, he allows them to continue.

Torture, bombing civilians, road blocks, imprisonment without trial, invasions of foreign nations, increased war spending, more death, more destruction.

It`s getting worse, not better.
If Obama can`t bring the miltary to heel, then someone else is going to have to take steps!
(Who`s it going to be... the american people...or the Taliban?)

Sorry, but the american military has now sunk to depths that are no longer tolerable under any circumstances... Mai Lai, and the torture and killling of Vietnamese civilians... the death squads of Latin America,Abu Grahib, Guantanamo... ad nauseum.
I think that some of the officers, not the lower ranks, need to be detained and charged with war crimes, they are clearly insane, their actions have brought shame upon ordinary americans.

The orders for torture came from Cheney and Rumsfelt, but in between sit many generals and a few of them in jail will certainly curb the appetite for war.
Obama won`t investigate too much, after all, he`s probably aware that within his own military there are those who would rather kill him than face a court.
Damned if he does, and damned if he doesn`t.