Tuesday, May 12, 2009

So How the Hell Did BUSH Rape and Pillage OUR Social Security ? Think About WHAT is paying for Iraq Folks....Think real Hard.

The Last two years Bush and His Cronies ( including McShame) kept saying that Social Security Needed to be Overhauled- yeah, well, What if THEY already had ???? What did they do with the Money the past EIGHT years ??? Where is ALL that money ? And I am not buying that the past 8 monthes of this Hellish Recession " Caused " stress on the Social Security System ......I do think 8 years of a HUGE Illegal War might have been Funded by OUR Money, ALL of our Savings and Money ....There is No other reason that in 8 years it should be Broke....Unless it was and is Already Broken. Click the title to read the LA Times Article.

There must be War Crime Trials.

( And this is WHY the Health Care Mess must be Fixed for ALL NOW......)


Annette said...

This is crazy.. and its just another reason the Rethugs are going to use to try to derail health care .. damn them to hell.. I hope the Democrats can stand up to them this time. We have to. It is time for this to happen..

enigma4ever said...

this is what I was worried about for monthes...I am no longer shocked at the number of things that have been broken by bush...