Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Another way to look at the Healthcare Crisis,18.7 Million Empty Homes in the 2nd Quarter.....HOW Many People has this effected,

I read this Bloomberg article attached to the title it raises more Questions than Answers.I see all the empty houses in my hood, and HOW many are empty because Financial bills wiped folks out ? In my hood on my street two empty homes are where people died this winter, both were in foreclosure, both were older folks with huge medical bills....more than 73% of Bankruptcies are related to medical debt and stress.It is ALL connected, people losing Jobs, Homes, and Healthcare. And it is unfair for the Repugs and the Blue Dogs to ONLY work on pieces that interest them....People that are unemployed and or UnderInsured or UnInsured have NO ONE to lobby for them...It is up to us to call DC and the MSM and keep the Focus on WHO is being harmed by this Crisis. 14,000 a day are losing Healthcare....We can not Give Bailouts to Big Corporations and then have DC turn their backs on 52 Million Americans.

When you call your Your Reps Remember some of these Talking Points..
(1) 73% of Bankruptcies, leading to Home Loss and Foreclosure are due to Medical Debt....
(2) The 6 Million that have Lost Jobs this year alone, have NO Healthcare of Access to Affordable Care, that is why the True UnInsured Number is really 52 Million.
(3) for the 18.7 Million Homes Mentioned in this Article, How Many are not only Homeless ? Jobless ? Or perhaps part time work and are now renting but still have NO Healthcare ? And remember that each of those homes represents Millions depending on how many are in each home- 37 -74 million Individuals depending on Family size....
(4) The Public Option would Save Lives...period. ( atleast 30,000 are dying per year with NO Healthcare...)

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