Monday, July 13, 2009

As Much as the Repugs are SOooo Unhappy with the Sotomayer Nomination.....I have Two words for you..."Harriet Miers"


tom said...

And Hariet was the mostest qualified EVER!
So I have decided not to watch the Sotomayer hearings, we have the votes, totally so I won't let my head hurt by watching Sessions (R and KKK AL) and the rest of the Hitler Youth foul the air with their non fact based drivel

nuff said

enigma4ever said...

but see I wanted to watch I wanted to see her with her mom..and hear her story..and also hear HER..and there were no questions was about bearing witness to the asshole repug antics....and also it is a Historic Nomination- as a woman I wanted to see means alot...esp when hearing her story...

( now truthfully last fall I thought Hillary would be the first woman nominated- but she was given another position instead- which she turns out to be well suited for...and doing fine- except for her broken arm...)

enigma4ever said...
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Anon-Paranoid said...

After watching K.O. the other night when he mentioned the preacher who prayed for the deaths of some I thought why not.

So I did a contact to the racist, bigoted Sessions. See below....

It came as no surprise to me your questions or responses to Judge Sotomayor's answers. After all they were coming from a known White Racist and Bigot such as yourself.

So knowing that, I will continue to pray to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for your Death. I will continue to pray that my Lord lifts up His mighty Sword of Justice and strikes you and all the rest of you Republican Fascist, Racist, Bigoted Nazi's dead. May He let all your deaths by His Hand be excruciating and painful.

Only then can America reclaim her honor, integrity and Constitution from the Nazi Reign of the last eight years under the Nazi Rule led by George Adolph Bush and Dick Heinrich Himmler Cheney.

So in conclusion let me say May the Lord my God send down the Angel of Death upon you.

And God Bless all True Americans.

I wonder when I will be getting a visit by the FBI, because as you know praying for someones death can be considered a threat by the religious right.

Take care my sweet rose and...

God Bless you.

Fran said...

More than 1/2 the US population is Female, and 8 of 9 Supremes are male. We need diversity in gender & ethnicity.
Enough with white guys in ties (and for the record Clarence Thomas may as well be a white guy).

Besides Ruth Bader Ginsberg is not in great health.... Obama may need to find another judge or two before his term is over.
I hope he gets to appoint at least 2 or maybe 3 judges.

Ya know that fair & balanced rap.