Thursday, July 09, 2009

Videos From July 8th Iran Protests Coming Out, they used their Cars at Crossings, Families came out together, Also read report......

new just got it off twitter, only viewed 8 times, great they are still protesting and they found a way to get footage the women.....amazing..,,kinda makes sense to use Cars to protest- thwarts the Basij on their bikes...

( Protests were planned for yesterday to be held to honor the Protests of 10 years ago...and to keep the uprising was uncertain how many would come out..also communication is sorely hampered).
More Updates of the Protests of the day, from Tehran Bureau.
Here is More Footage please share with media and Twitter, really amazing how they organized without Phones compueters...and in spite of all the arrests and brutality...

I will post more updates below and in comments, and the post below was last updated this AM....
Nico Pitney posted this wonderful video LINK that has many more videos that are worth seeing...
U2 on their 360 tour.....and Again in Milan they do Bloody Sunday dedicated to Iran with the GREEN and the farsi-
But LISTEN to the audience sing along....please share and retweet...( thanks to Nico for posting this..) it really does need to be shared and seen.....

The ROOFTOP project,really amazing.


NEWSGUY said...

y,know, Nurse, I heard a guy on the radio the other day talking about how the Iranian people are fighting for representative government, for the government to listen to them and respond to their wishes.

And I thought how about the millions of us who want single payer health care and apparently are being ignored.

Or how about the millions of us who think the crimes of the Bush Administration should be prosecuted, but are being disappointed.

Or how about the millions of us who are being screwed by the bankers who got billions of our tax dollars.

We need a responsive government right here at home.

Coffee Messiah said...

Hi there.....amazing what's going on around us, eh!

What about the news about gw and ashcroft, while ashcroft was in the hospital? No surprise, but he is the gift that just keeps on giving ; (

Hope all is well your way.

BTW, may be coming in august to see the war exhibit at the morgan conservatory.

Cheers to you and the son ; )

HelenWheels said...

Wow, that's brilliant, using the cars. The Iranians' determination and ingenuity are inspiring.