Sunday, July 12, 2009

Favorite Palin Cartoon....( there are too many to post..)

(stolen from Immoral Minority...thanks gryphen...and click the title to Exgov 's Twitter page...LOL)


enigma4ever said...

Click title for Exgov 's twtter::

George W. Bush was an honorable man and it's wonderful to hear so many of you compare me to him. God bless. #palin #tcot
about 7 hours ago from Tweetie

Track told me about the Call of Duty video game. So happy our young people are learning about the sacrifice of our veterans. God bless USA.
about 11 hours ago from Tweetie

To answer a common question, one major reason I'm not running for reelection is the poor quality of government in this country. #palin #tcot
about 14 hours ago from Tweetie

. @KarlRove Darn right Piper's not allowed to watch David Letterman anymore before she goes to bed. #palin #tcot
1:08 AM Jul 11th from Tweetie

AG presser today about gov transition. "Best way to lead is to get out of the way." Best for Alaska and America futures. #palin #tcot

12:32 AM Jul 11th from Tweetie
"The real leader has no need to lead - he is content to point the way." -Jesus Christ. #palin #tcot
8:41 PM Jul 10th from Tweetie

Related to last tweet: What are some good Christian (or at least not violent/sexist) video games for the kids? Big Little Planet? Mario?
9:50 AM Jul 10th from Tweetie

Bristol likes her Wii. I'm not sure Wii Bowling is better for children than hunting and fishing. Todd likes the "Big Game Hunter" game, tho.
4:23 AM Jul 10th from Tweetie

It's been a long day already and it's only just after lunch. But I'm not the kind to leave work early. Onward! For Alaskans! #palin #tcot
1:58 AM Jul 10th from Tweetie

Reminds me of when I was a kid and we used to ride around on hogs. They called that "porkbusting," too. Back when America was great. #palin
8:09 PM Jul 9th from web

Folks in the Lower 48 don't get how big AK is. I spend ~4hrs/day flying to remote villages with, like, 12 residents. God bless them. @palin
6:22 PM Jul 9th from Tweetie

Just got off of a phone call with @KarlRove. We don't always see eye to eye, but he's a straight-shooter. God bless. #palin #tcot
6:20 AM Jul 9th from Tweetie

That Michelle Bachmann woman needs to stop emailing me every five minutes. There's nothing wrong with the census. We are not friends. #palin
10:35 PM Jul 8th from Tweetie

Midsummer Night's Tea Party update: NY, Kansas City, & San Fran on short list. Do it in seat of liberal power or in middle of Real America?
8:57 PM Jul 8th from Tweetie

Morning thought: "It's not what we take up, but what we give up, that makes us rich."-Jesus. Question for today: What should I give up next?
7:52 PM Jul 8th from Tweetie

After Trade Fair join us at the Kotzebue Friends Chruch for a social. Feat. native Inupiat dancing and Reindeer "oysters" (NOT RLY OYSTERS).
6:14 AM Jul 8th from web

Watch out for the liberal hit-piece on me at I know there's no "dept of law." Obvious misquote. Why the lies, ABC? #palin #tcot
4:38 AM Jul 8th from Tweetie

Consulting with image advisors. Considering a Dorothy Hamill-style haircut for the "New Sarah" look. What do you think? God bls USA. #palin
1:37 AM Jul 8th from Tweetie

Still having imposter problems. This is my real account. Please retweet. Getting frustrated with this. May leave Twitter altogether. #palin
12:39 AM Jul 8th from Tweetie

Also, "Remeber the Time" always reminds me of shooting ducks. #palin #michaeljackson #tcot
10:36 PM Jul 7th from Tweetie

enigma4ever said...

and there is more off the Exgov twitter:::

Alaskans don't need government to help Alaskans. The rest of America could learn a thing or two. God bless the troops. #palin #tcot
3:40 AM Jul 7th from Tweetie

. @newtgingrich Missed your Ronald Reagan movie this weekend, sadly. He's such an inspiration. First-rate maverick. #palin #reagan #tcot
11:16 PM Jul 6th from Tweetie

Could someone pls explain the difference between a Blog and a Twitter? Bristol emailed me this morning that I keep saying them wrong. #palin
7:51 PM Jul 6th from Tweetie

Thank you, @SarahPalinRadio - I do some days feel like Martin Luther King, Jr. "Free at last, free at last." You made my day better. #palin
6:11 AM Jul 6th from Tweetie in reply to SarahPalinRadio

Want to thank Todd&kids for iPhone July4 gift!! Have to give BlackBerry biack when I resign. Bristol showed me iFart. Rude but funny. #palin
11:19 PM Jul 5th from Tweetie

Attny letter abt baseless allegations: You don't have the right to just freely say whatever you want in the press.
9:18 PM Jul 5th from Tweetie

Thx for all support & prayers about Todd's accident last night. Fireworks are not toys. See you in West Alaska today #palin #tcot #safety
8:41 PM Jul 5th from Tweetie

Still lightheaded from too many wine-coolers & moosebrgrs. Good times, great family, and God Bless USA. See you in Kotzebue this wk. #palin
10:19 AM Jul 5th from Tweetie

In celebration of our great nation, announcing my run for President 2012! Press Conf tmrw. Happy 4th! #palin #tcot

5:55 AM Jul 5th from Tweetie
Todd got fireworks for later and sparklers for the kids. And fundraising for the troops. Pls come by #palin #tcot
5:04 AM Jul 5th from Tweetie

Still grilling at the house in Wasilla. Stop by show support! Have a beer. Meet Trig. #palin #tcot
3:36 AM Jul 5th from Tweetie

So much negativity. Thx all for support. Independence Day does not mean independence from the truth. #palin #tcot
3:15 AM Jul 5th from Tweetie

Unfortunately fake "Gov Sarah Palin" twitter sites r doing their thing today:unscrupulous, untrue- so sorry if u recv false info @ fake site
2:56 AM Jul 5th from Tweetie

Wasilla friends, you're all invited with love to my home for hamburgers and pop. True independence is making change from the outside. #palin
10:12 PM Jul 4th from web

Happy fourth of july to all our hard working Americans and the troops defending our freedoms. Be safe.
8:28 PM Jul 4th from web

Set up a new non-AKGov acct. Want to remind all that I love American always. New things soon. Pls follow. #palin
10:04 AM Jul 4th from web

Check out Lt. Gov. Parnell’s response re: my announcement today @ #palin
7:24 AM Jul 4

enigma4ever said...

these are not real...but so damn funny...

Mauigirl said...

Oh darn, I thought they were real! They're hilarious. She does have a Twitter account though, right?

The cartoon is great too.

enigma4ever said...

she does have a twitter account...pretty weird...every other tweet is about " frivalous" lawsuits for ethics violations...or an announcement of a presser...

I like the fake account so much better...