Friday, July 03, 2009

Friday Day 21 of the Uprising that resulted due to Election Fraud in Iran......3 weeks later.

What happens now ? Thousands are imprisoned are missing now due to the Brutal Crackdown. Millions took to the streets peacefully, and yet the system remains ironfistedly in control with a troubled corrupt leadership ensconced as they have legitmized a fraudelent election, empowering a leader that was so weak he came in third by actual numbers.And sadly due to media censorship,there is very little news coming out. And with 34 fine journalists imprisoned, it will be hard to get Real News or photos. The People continue to attempt to get information out via phones, risking lives to do so. Sadly the Media here has been pathologically focused on the death of a musician for over a week.....and the fate of the Brave Country of Iran is now a below the fold story. There are many around the world who are still trying to keep the focus on the fate of these people.
Mousavi...what next ? Is what most people are asking, and this Guardian article is probing that issue.
Truthout has beautiful post about The People and why they are still going to the roofs at 10 PM...and will continue to do so.
RSF, Reporters Without Borders, has a whole page on Iran, what happens to the detained Journalists and what else is going on in Iran. There is also an article about American Companies that are part of the Internal Censorship problem that must be read...
Demotix mourning the dead post has story about the families there grieving and the photos are haunting.
Read about the Freedom Glory Project and twitter it. Nico posted this am, really amazing music...and videos.
Where is My Vote ? site has a great way for ordinary people to help. Please remember to wear green tomorrow...
Beautiful blog that has updates, it is called Windows on Iran.
I posted this link a few days ago , but Nico Pitney has more information about the site,
" I wanted to pass on word of this excellent Iran blog "Windows on Iran" run by Fatemeh Keshavarz, Chair of the Dept. of Asian and Near Eastern Languages and Literatures at Washington University in St. Louis.
Blog on Iran ( translate daily), Unique inside view or Tehran
Iran evin and the hangingsSadly it is important to note that Evin has hangings, but the real question is are these Protesters or any that were swept up in the Uprising arrests ?
As always Nico Pitney of the Huffington Post is covering this Uprising still, with great thoroughness and attention to some of the finer details. In todays Live Blog he has the Statement from the young exiled Doctor that cared for Neda at her death....must read..
Comments remain disabled due to hate mail and harrassment. I do not wish these comments appearing. I still encourage readers to write via email. Email address is on profile page.I apologize for the incovenience. I will continue to blog this issue as it is a Human Rights Issue.
"Stand by Me" by Bon Jovi and Andy Maladian

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