Monday, July 13, 2009

As an RN, as a Mom, and as one battling a Disease, I am asking you to click this link and READ OUR American Stories and WHY we need the Public Option.

Click this title, the Obama Administration has been collecting Stories from around the Country, from people Battling for Healthcare. It has stories of people that have suffered at hands of the Insurance Industry, and struggled for Care. It also has stories from health practioners of what they have seen taking care of people. I urge you to read these stories and share the information. I have a Button on my side bar for this site. As a Nurse of over 20 years and someone who is UN-Insured due to Cancer in my family and facing a huge health battle of my own, I am begging you to Fight for the Public Option.....and yes, my story is on the site...


Fran said...

Apparently there is a huge pre debate over if we should go into the discussion with a compromised public option already in place.

If we learned anything from the BUsh admin-- ask for the stars & moon- you just might get it---
but if you come in asking for less, you could wind up with an even lower amount.

this pisses me off because there is always war money- that always gets approved.

I say let Congress have NO health insurance coverage so they will know what it is like.

Until then, it is just a theoretical bargaining chip.
We apparently, are the pawns.

enigma4ever said...

I am just tired..really tired...thanks fran..