Saturday, July 04, 2009

This Forth of July we must not forget the VETS home...or still abroad..

Paul Reickoff's post, "Coming home from war is no Independence Day picnic for Iraq soliders" is a must read In a very careful personal way he reminds us of what is real for the military that we have in Iraq and why we need to get them home and we need to take care of them once they come home.....All of them...So they don't feel alone when they get home....ever.PTSD is real and is effecting 1000's that are coming home and contributing to significant suicide rates, we need to talking about it and acknowledging the suffering and demanding DC to put more money towards CARE for those returning, Mental health care is still not getting the funds that are needed.And as the Iraqi withdrawal begins we have to be willing to care for the Returning and ALL wounds...even ones we don't think we can see.....

(( Paul Rieckhoff is the Founder and Executive Director of Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA), and the author of Chasing Ghosts....and if you haven't read "Chasing Ghosts" must.....))

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