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Wednesday July 1st Day 18 of the Election Fallout and Uprising in Iran

July 16th photo of the Azadi Monument...Azadi means Freedom, it is where millions gathered to protest their Lost Vote...
what happens now to all of these is a big Question, especially now that the Election was legitimized yesterday.
( Blog updated at 6 PM below).
The Guardian is still trying to put a Face on it , but keeping track of the Dead and the Detained. I look at this photo above and wonder how many are Missing or Killed ? And how can Killing People legitimize an Election ? Or Faking a Recount ? ( please yesterday's post). And Tehran Bureau has more about what those detained, really face and how serious this situation is for all, but especially for journalists.
Please do read this story of Treatment of Prisoners, beatings and rape...a prisoner's story. And this just posted by Nico, a story of Someone released, that outlines the Human rights conditions WithIn.
Really thorough analysis of the Election "results" is here in a pdf , Chatam House Papers, compares all the data and shows the logistical problems with Ahmadinejead 's "win".
In the past two weeks the Iranian Government and Ahmdinejead had complained that America and the UK were "meddling" in their election affairs, NOW they are demanding an apology from the EU's 27 nations and accusing ALL of them of meddling as well.Read more in this Reuters article. ( Meanwhile Ahmadinejead is cancelling a trip abroad today, possibly due to tensions at home.)
It was only a matter of time, before this happened , the Basiji Militia are issuing Charges against Mousavi, please read The Guardian to learn more.
From the article:
"Iran's opposition leader Mir Hossein Mousavi today became the target of the notorious Basij militia as it called for him to be prosecuted for his role in the greatest political unrest in Iran since the Islamic revolution.In a letter to the country's chief prosecutor, the Basij accuse Mousavi of involvement in nine offences against the state, including "disturbing the nation's security". That charge carries a maximum 10-year prison sentence.

The letter came as the Iranian president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, cancelled a planned trip to Libya without explanation. The last-minute cancellation is being seen as a sign of the continuing volatility in Iran as the authorities struggle with the fallout from last month's disputed election, in which Ahmadinejad was declared the winner.One of the other candidates, Mehdi Karroubi, a reformist cleric, vowed to continue his fight to annul the election despite the endorsement of the poll by the powerful guardian council after a partial recount of the vote.

"I don't consider this government legitimate," Karroubi said on his website."
{ The Government of course has shut down his newspaper, so how many will hear his voice on this remains to be seen. ( LA Times)}
Further down in the article, there are also charges planned against the Doctor that tried to care for Neda on the street as she lay dying from a bullet to the chest and sadly was caught on film. Read below:
"Iran's police chief, Brigadier General Ismail Ahmadi-Moghaddam, said 1,032 people had been arrested since the 12 June election, but he claimed that most had since been released."Those who are still in detention were referred to the public and revolutionary courts in Tehran," Fars News Agency quoted him as saying, according to Reuters.

Ahmadi-Moghaddam said 20 "rioters" had been killed during the unrest and more than 500 police had been injured.He also asked Interpol to arrest Arash Hejazi, the doctor who was filmed coming to the aid of Neda Soltan after she was shot in the widely seen video of her death.Hejazi fled to London after the incident and suggested that a Basij militiaman on a motorbike was responsible for her killing.

"Her killing was a planned scenario and had no relation with the riots in Tehran," Ahmadi-Moghaddam said.
Once again the BBC Interview with the Doctor, and he explains what he saw happen and how Neda died and that he did expect charges to be filed against him.
As to the Legitimacy of the Election, please do see yesterday's post about the "Recount". But Karoubi is not the only candidate to call repudiate the election results, and declare them illegitimtate, Mousavi also issued a statement on his website as well. (WSJ)
Here is more about Mousavi and what he wrote on his website He carefully explains his thoughts on his website ( from Reuters-India)
Read more from that Statement:
""It is our historical responsibility to continue our protests and not to abandon our efforts to preserve the nation's rights," he said, two days after Iran's top legislative body confirmed Ahmadinejad's election victory.Mousavi, who has repeatedly said the June 12 vote was rigged, said he would join a planned association of leading figures which would follow up people's rights and "ignored votes" in the election.Its demands would include "halting security and military confrontation with the election, returning the country to a natural political atmosphere, reforming the election law to prevent vote rigging, securing freedom of holding rallies and freedom of press," the statement said.

Mousavi also called on the authorities to release detained "children of the revolution", in reference to scores of leading reformists arrested since the disputed poll, and said he could not compromise regarding people's rights.

He called for a lifting of a ban on some moderate newspapers and websites."
RSF have written an article about Evin Up above it was stated by Iranian Government officials that 1206 have been arrested, and that more than 600 were wounded, it is to be remembered that many of the wounded were also taken to Prison, removed from the hospitals from treatment. This Reporters Without Borders article ( RSF) has more about the Conditions of Evin.
Really beautiful post from the Tehran Bureau about the "Writing on the Wall", and how graffetti is still on walls throughout Tehran....and telling of the struggle within...
On another note this amazing video shows the Twitter role in election fallout and the role of technology as it aided Iran to still communicate during a Brutal Crackdown.
Article about the Brave Citizen journalists of Iran, PBS really shows how Media is Changing and has to....
And still millions go to the Rooftops to Call to God, even though it is NOW illegal...beautiful haunting video of the calls, monday night.
Iranian poet tweets the uprising one tweet at a time...NPR..
6PM ::: I have been reluctant to blog on this, but there were reports in Twitterland today that there were 6 hangings today at Evin Prison,they were supposedly quilty of 'Murder". It is unclear if they were protesters, am still researching this story,Iranfocus has a small piece on it, but we need to learn more...
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