Thursday, March 27, 2008


Dear Howard,
I keep getting letters Asking for me to Give Money to the Democratic Party....BUT I can not do that, and here is WHY.
So this week, Pelosi recieved a very Interesting Letter from 20 VERY Rich Donors....a Velvet Hammer of a letter...Sabotaging WE THE PEOPLE and The Democratic Process. Basically the Letter should be read Carefully, because it is a Letter to ALL OF US, informing us that the Fat Cats with MONEY have the Power, not the People. And Hillary has made it clear that she supports The Letter....and it's tactics.

After Eight Years of Hell and Hubris, we don't need more. And While Hillary is on her Vendetta to Power and hellbent on Destroying the Party , OUR Party, I can not send any money. Strong Leadership needs to step in and rein this Candidate that is hellbent on destroying the Party and the Process. She has continually Discounted States, Caucus States, Voters from different backgrounds, and tried to divide us, as a People and a Party. Her Divisive Rovian Tactics are NOT Presidential and will Not win against McCain.

I also have to say Clinton today was on FOX saying that she will take this ALL THE WAY TO AUGUST, we as a party can not have this.She has made it clear she is running for herself, NOT WE THE PEOPLE. As a longtime Democrat, I can not support her tactics ,and I like many of my friends are very concerned about her if she somehow manvered to become the Nominee.IF she really were to be the Nominiee, after ALL she has done ....I have to confess I don't think I could Vote for her. I have only disgust and horror at how poorly she has handled herself and her campaign, and I don't trust her as a Candidate. I would have to stay home in November.

We will never beat McCain with Such Rancorous Division.....We Need Unity NOW more than ever.


Dusty said...

After Eight Years of Hell and Hubris, we don't need more.-spot friggin on Enigma.

Hillary will destroy the party and would rather see McCain get the job than Obama..sick..utterly sick.

Christopher said...

The presidential race for Democrats nationally according to Pew shows that despite the efforts of the Borg Queen and her mealtickets to smear Barack Obama, their efforts have been in vain.


Barack Obama: 49 percent

Hillary Clinton: 39 percent

D.K. Raed said...

Bravo! clap, clap, clap, clap ....

Mauigirl said...

I totally agree. It is starting to be very obvious she is not about the good of the country, but only how to advance her own goals.

Christopher said...

The Borg Queen is the go-to girl for FOX Noise nowadays.

She appears there more often than Annthrax Coulter and Michelle Malabangadingdong.

Today, the Borg Queen told Greta Van Susteren that she would take her fight all the way to the floor of the convention.

By now, even Hillary's Harpies must admit that the Clintons are all about THE CLINTONS and if they tear apart the party and hand the election to McCain, it's just too fucking bad.

Gryphen said...

I think that we are seeing the REAL Hillary when we see her on FOX. She seems almost rabid in her response to Greta "Oh God I can barely see out of my eyes "Susteren!

I mean look at her face when she says "that's what credential fights are for", is that not one of the most evil expressions you have ever seen?

I cannot help but think that is the expression the wolf had when he jumped out of grandma's bed and finally got his hands on Little Red Riding Hood. Gotcha!

Oooh it makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up!

enigma4ever said...

I was stunned by the FOX interview...and even Greta looked shocked ( which is not like her)....I am sorry- but it was evil- watching her I thought holy crap- Poor Bill Richardson- can you imagine that converstation?

hmmm....the wolf eh? right...

I think there are some Hill supporters changing their minds....I think this because there were three signs in my neighborhood...and today they are gone....the one sign I saw the woman take it out of the yard...I was walking home from the store...she is a neighbor....she shrugged and said " I was wrong- very wrong"....( I had met her canvassing)I am blogging it tomorrow...

When she was talking , with this gleam, my first thought was , holy cow...she would not listen to any advice or wisdom- she has blinders on....and yes, she is selfish...too selfish to be President- because she can not think about the Good of the Party...

Why thank you very much....

oh good

so funny I bloggd about watching Matthews and even felt like I was overdoing it- then went to your place and you blogged it too..and then I thought about it...we all blogged Bush and his antics...we need to BLOG what is real...good job....keep doing it...and I think it is up to women to blog it...( I think men feel like they will be accused of being sexist...)
She is out of control.....Tweety I think at this point is not sure he even wants to interview her....
( I can't beleive her people turned down Anderson...whoa)

D.K. Raed said...

I am so glad I don't watch Fox. EK saw it & said she scared him. That's saying something. Now she's saying even the pledged delegates don't really have to vote who they are pledged to. WTHF?