Thursday, March 27, 2008

E.Pluribus Unum...Out of Many We Are One

E.Pluribus Unum. Out of Many We are ONE. This One Phrase was written to remind us WHO we are, and that ALL of US Matter, not some of us, in Some States.....Our Founding Fathers KNEW that Hubris was Destructive to any Fledgling Government, but also to any Democracy that has been damaged or assaulted.

What Would YOU do to Protect this PIECE of Restore it's Meaning and Power, or to Honor it ? In this Document there is Nothing about Some States or Some People mattering More than is about US, ALL of US. Have you done Anything in your Lifetime that you thought was Patriotic ? Brave ? Something that made you feel like a Better American ?

WE THE PEOPLE is about Honoring about HOW we are Connected and WHY we matter to each other.....Unity is within Our Reach...and that is why Speechs about it stir our souls....and give us Hope.

*{ Click the Title : Video was posted by Bob Cesca last night over at Huff is amazing" Tide Is Turning" }*


enigma4ever said...

I should not watch Frontline in the middle of the night....but it got me thinking ..we ALL have been through too much...we have been living through Dark Times...VERY Dark..and we need some Light...

D.K. Raed said...

Wonderful inspiring vid. I sure hope the tide is turning.

Have you been watching that John Adams miniseries on HBO? People who couldn't take it anymore fought & bled & froze/starved to death to hand us this "piece of paper". It wasn't perfect, it never will be, that's up to us.

What would I do to protect it? For a start, restore it to prominence in every school curriculum. Make studying it a part of graduation requirements. Display it EVERYWHERE, so people can easily see & read it. If more people read it & understood it, there would be more discussion & awareness and less ways for constitution abusers like bush to stay in power.