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This Includes charges of Kidnapping...holy crap..I never ever thought this would happen...I mean come on he did get away with murder before....He looked pretty stunned even when they came to the table to cuff him....His attorneys did ask for him to be free until Sentencing ...The Judge did not bat an eye when she said "NO". More To Come....LA TIMES here.

( Just to clarify I am not spending alot of time on this....but it deserves a little coverage..when my son was little - this case was huge, it was the first Car Chase he ever saw, we used to lay on the carpet and play "Chase the Bronco " with his Hotwheels....)


tom said...

Maybe he can spend some time looking for the killer of his ex wife and her friend....

enigma4ever said...

no kidding...really...

He looked stunned- I really think he thought he would not go to jail for this...

Anonymous said...

Maybe I'm Amazed.

Still, karmically speaking, I'm ain't no snob, and if this fuck up of a heist is what it takes to put O.J. in jail, then it works for me. Hey, Capone got nailed for tax evasion, and Dahmer was stabbed to death by an inmate.

Looks like the Juice has been squeezed dry. Finally.


I remember all of this so vividly. A friend of mine (Caylee) was a good friend of Nichole's. I didn't meet Nichole, but Caylee kept me filled in on many of the things that were evident in Nichole's life.

Caylee's dad was the retired police chief of Los Angeles. All of them were friends of the Brown family.

Nichole had a real 'thing' for O. J. - she was pretty much the aggressor in the ultimately relationship and marriage.

Nichole was doing drugs 'big time' - she was hanging out with all the wrong people; after leaving O. J., she was essentially a 'whore', and it was well known (I lived about 30 miles from where she lived), what she was doing for 'entertainment'.

Caylee's father was talking with the Brown family frequently; he was telling them that Nichole was putting herself in jeopardy by hanging out with drug users and pushers, and this was truly a danger to her.

Locally, there are numerous accounts of the murders - not everyone who knew Nichole and O. J. believe O. J. did the killing; most feel it was a revenge thing and others feel it was the fact Nichole owed a great deal of money for drugs that she hadn't yet been able to round up the money to pay for.

I was driving on the highway the day O. J. was 'escorted' by the police. There was no real chase; I was in the traffic (if you were to look at the videos of that day, you could actually see my car traveling in the far right-hand side of the I-5 traffic heading north).

I moved to the right-hand side; kept 'pace' with about 40 police cars while O. J. and his buddy were driving back north toward Los Angeles. The speed was about 75 miles an hour - the police kept a 'distance', and the way their cars were evenly spread across all the lanes, there was no effort to apprehend the Bronco; just 'escort' it.

O. J. had been despondent (according to friends of his who were mutual friends of the Brown's and Caylee as well). O. J. had some powerful friends who lived in Chicago; pressure was on him for past payments owed to a few of them (Caylee said she thought O. J. was hooked on drugs as well, but wasn't 100% positive). From what she could conclude was both Nichole and O. J. owed huge sums of money to a variety of scum-bags and both of them had been threatened with their lives, if they didn't cough it up. Caylee believes O. J. was in fear of his life and that's why he made this quick trip to Chicago - to set up some kind of deal where he could make a payment on the money he owed, and the word was he was trying to get Nichole included in this so they'd get off her back for collection as well.

The word around the small group who were very close, was that Nichole was used as an 'example' of what was going to happen next, to O. J. Also it was said that phone calls were made to O. J. about the killing (in advance), and O. J. was supposedly going to go over to tell Nichole that these people were getting ready to do them both in, and he was responding to a series of phone calls that occurred just prior to him leaving for Nichole's house.

Nichole had been dining out that night (as you well know); the restaurant she was eating at is one I'd eaten at a couple times, very up-scale and many celebrities and high-profile people eat there. Nichole apparently was quite a regular and seen flirting with a number of the waiters and the bar tender as well. It's quite possible she was followed and observed by the very people to whom she and O. J. owed money to.

Most people who knew both of them were not surprised by the murders - Caylee said she'd grown up with Nichole, and Nichole had always been a party-hearty person; stared using drugs in high school, and was known to be 'fast and loose'.

After the murder, there was a memorial that followed Nichole's burial (she's buried where 3 of my husband's friends are - I've been to her grave only because we've placed flowers on the graves of my husband's friends on Memorial Day up until we moved to Nevada). I was invited to the memorial; it was held in the Laguna Niguel park not too far from where the Browns live (they live near Monarch Bay in Orange County, CA). There were hundreds of people at the memorial; it was outside - the park was closed to the public for the day, so family and friends could gather for a picnic and celebrate Nichole's life.

There was booze like I've never seen - I'd say 30% of the people were drunk on their butts by 4 in the afternoon. There was not much reverence shown at the gathering even though they had set up a collection of her photos (including those with O. J. when they were married) - there were candles surrounding the photos, and you could sign the guest book they'd put in front of the photos.

Lots of money; lots of hoopla - everyone was dressed as if they were at some disco spot, rather than at a memorial service.

They actually had pony rides; ice cream vendors, and games for the kids who came - it was hardly something most people would expect to find (at least this would not have been the way my family would have conducted this type of a celebration of life for a loved one who'd died; much less, murdered).

I over-heard remarks (more than once) that this was something they felt Nichole should have expected since she persisted in associating with criminals; people who were part of the mafia - Latinos who were known drug lords from Mexico.

The one drug-lord who lives in San Juan Capistrano (his compound is huge and heavily guarded), was known to have an affection for Nichole (I met him at the gathering and then again at one of the art exhibitions where I sold Doug McClure's art), and he was busy hitting on the women that day (including me). He was about 6 foot, 6 inches tall; massive - wore a white hat (kind of a Mexican or Western style); huge rings; very fancy clothes, and moved about the gallery in a very aggressive way.

Doug McClure was a drug addict; he'd dried out at one of the well-known rehab centers in Arizona. Ben Johnson was also a key figure - while he offered his ranch for rehab, he also was a drug pusher and associated with the well-known 'pushers' in California, Arizona, and Nevada.

Doug kept clear of this 'big man with the hat' - it was almost as if this guy knew everyone in the entertainment industry, and was clearly not welcomed at the event.

Throughout those years from that particular art show (August of 1989), up until Nichole was murdered a few years after that, this guy kept popping up at many of the public events where celebrities collected; all down in the Monarch Bay/Emerald Bay/Laguna Beach/San Juan Capistrano area.

This man was very powerful; certainly a person very capable of killing Nichole and Ron with the type of force that was evident in the murders. A few people that I talked to during the memorial and after that, felt he was the person who had killed Nichole.

I don't use his name ever; few people do - suffice to say by now if he's still alive, he's probably handed over some of his 'killing efforts' to those younger, because he'd be about O. J.'s age today.

Al Cowlings was a drug-user; in fact it would be easier to say who was NOT using drugs within their group of friends.

I'm certain O. J. was punished more for what people have seen as a person who got away with murder 13 years ago, rather than for what he did in Las Vegas.

Frankly, I think he's safer inside prison than he is outside - he's kept ahead of the game and no doubt been 'allowed' to stay alive this long because he's played the game laid out for him. I'm betting this whole incident was a set-up that O. J. was dumb enough to fall for; knowing how stupid he is, he could be easily caught up in this type of nonsense because he is criminal in nature; defiant, and has run with the kind of crowd who has no regard for life or the law.

Given that most of his money is in off-shore banks so the Goldman's can't touch it, the best the Goldman's and Brown's can feel by now is that he's going to be behind bars.

The rich have a very weird way of getting revenge; especially when they're more power and money hungry, than they are loving and humane.

Frankly, the way I see it is O. J. was present at the murder; he was restrained by a few of the goons - the 'big guy' killed both Nichole and Ron in front of him, and he was probably spared only if he promised to become current with the money that was owed. O. J. got to see what would happen to him if he didn't fork over the money, and of course they made sure it looked as if O. J. could have potentially been the killer, and that allowed them to slowly 'kill' O. J. in a different way. They could destroy his reputation; they could ride his ass for the rest of his life, and have probably delivered the final blow now that O. J. has been found guilty.

Nevada is full of corruption and crime as well as mafia. Arizona has been home to a number of crime bosses; it still is a major thorough-fare for drugs that come in from Mexico, and of course California runs its drugs up over the border; and major drug-lords live in the regions of Highway 74 as well as funneling them through the areas of Hemit and into the desert near Palm Springs. Up in Big Bear; Lake Arrowhead they have their 'houses' - they then move their garbage into Apple Valley; Victorville - on into Arizona (heavy in Tempe and Tucson. Most of Nevada's drugs are up north of Las Vegas - all those mountain hideaways are perfect places for 'stashing' the crap.

One of the reasons the foreclosures on homes in these 3 states are so high, is hundreds and hundreds of drug houses were bought by these pushers; when they get done with a campaign, they oust the renter who has been living in the home (and distributing drugs for them), and close down the operation while they move to new locations.

Where we live, the grabbed up two condos that were nothing but outlets for drugs; those people are now in prison, and our newspapers have been tracking these traffickers for about 5 years now. Our small town has been able to rid itself of quite a few of the pushers, but the condos are empty because they just let the condo go back to the bank, rather than paying off the mortgage.

There are parts of Las Vegas that have been seriously hit with foreclosures, but the MSM doesn't tell you that many are located right in the heart of the slum community and trafficking industry.

One of the reasons Bakersfield is so hard-hit with foreclosures is because it is the 'hub' of drug distribution that moves up through into Las Vegas, and then up into the Reno area.

I doubt any MSM is going to discuss any of this because certainly the DEA and FBI as well as the local police forces want to keep this type of information from getting into the national news.

Back in 1986, the largest cocaine bust in Orange County took place 12 doors down from where I lived - the entire neighborhood was stunned because it appeared there was just a husband, wife, and 2 young children living there; he told everyone he was in sales and traveled most of the time. It hit the news 'big-time'. I remember the helicopters over-head; the cop cars that jammed the streets - the van that came and took the man and woman away, and they ended up putting the children in foster care.

What I've always wondered is what do they do with the millions of dollars of drugs they confiscate; they should just sell it all off to the countries who haven't made these drugs illegal, and I bet we could pay of our national debt!

I'm betting the reason they don't make drugs illegal is there's just too much money that's made on them, and of course these 'users' are the ones who can pay $3,000,000 for a home that's really worth about $700,000. While we don't tend to think of this as a driving force in the real estate and lending industry, it is - more than we might imagine.

So, now it's time for me to get away from the computer; we're going to Boulder City, and then go up to Las Vegas on Sunday to check out the new art exhibit at the Bellagio.

Take care - have a good week-end. /ds

enigma4ever said...

wow...quite the's true for the most part I had always thought he did it- or was there...I always thought it really odd that he did not look for the Killers...and I read part of that book About " if I did it"....

d.r.scott:: is interesting...and on the tape they played he does sound like a criminal....what is the truth and will we ever know ???doubt it...

kid said...

You know he going to be sentence 30 days from now,election day.Let's be real Black folk had a field day because of Emitt Till,payback.He didn't do it by himself , he had help.Now I usually don't bring up race ,guess how many whites were executed for killing blacks, zero.Never in the history of America has a white person been executed for killing a black person.Take care E, I love U.Got some Bootsy Collins on my blog for you to chill out to.Later.

enigma4ever said...

I hear you..and I agree...I actually thought he got off the first time- not because he was black or white- but because it seemed like the forensics and the court case was a Circus because he was a celebrity and rich....I know that is strange...

I agree with you about how cases are handled...and the other shows like "COPS' and LockUP seem to really try to paint crime as a Black and White issue ( also latino/hispanic..) It is like fearmongering......I think that in many ways we are a Police State already and too many people in jail, and definently that the system is geared to jailing more people of's not right...and also that drug crimes are not prosecuted right....people that are hooked on drugs need treatment not jail...and there are Drug Kings making alot of money- it is a business- it is like prohobition of the 30's- they are making money because it is illegal...but that is me,...what do I know...

you do know that I feel strongly that certain people are targeted and that really angers is a Human Rights Issue...

I will be over tonight...thanks...peace.

kid said...

I wish I could vote for you for president.

kid said...

OT, you look better than your Venus in the halfshell logo.

enigma4ever said...

ahhhh kid you know how to make a lady smile...thank you....have a good night...thanks for the music,..
and the nice are a good soul...