Saturday, October 04, 2008

Dave Letterman and Brian Williams....Damn fine....

You have to see this....amazing...10.3.08....McCain has really burned alot of Bridges this Month....He has New Bridges to Nowhere...enjoy...10 minutes of wonderful..( the last 5 minutes is Part II).

Part II::: 5 minutes


HelenWheels said...

Brian Jennings is right as far as a day is a year in politics. Shwew. I feel like every Obama point we get takes so much fucking work!!

It still is amazing to me that anyone would vote for McLame/Pailin'.

I hope the next 2 debates seal the deal. Like I said on my blog, I think all Obama has to do, seeing as how much McLame despises him AND has a hair-trigger temper is say "Keating Five" and McLame will explode.

enigma4ever said...

good thinking...yup Kkkkkkkeating Fiiiiiive...KABOOOOOOM

Fran said...

Love the opening line-- I'm a maverick so I may not answer your questions.
While MSM trips all over themselves to declare Palin's lack of total disaster a "truimph", we can't help but notice the debate was turned into a contest, rather than a debate.... I can't think of another scenario where a candidate announces they are choosing to not answer the questions.
Palin's sequestration from the press will keep her from tanking.

It's her party & she'll hide if she wants to
hide if she wants to
hide if she wants to
You would hide too if there's nothing you knew...
(sung to the tune- it's my party)

D.K. Raed said...

Thanks for the vids. I missed Letterman. I think Brian is right that he is being excluded from interviewing McPalin because of NBC's cable arm MSNBC. But I also think they are still stewing over Brian following Obama around the back side of the big monument in Germany for an exclusive moment. Brian caught Obama off-guard immediately after that huge speech, and we all saw how absolutely unrattled he was & in control.

So naturally, they had to M.D. (Maureen Dowd) NBC off the bus, too!

Wholehearted agreement w/Helen: Everytime McC comes up with anything like Ayers or Reszco or even that Reverend, all Obama should do is say "CHARLES KEATING" & give another snippet of that tale of corruption.

"It's her party!" -- thanks Fran, now I'll have that song in my head all day ...