Monday, October 13, 2008

Ignorance alive and well in the McCain Palin and be ready to throw up...

**** Update 2 PM Monday:::
I watched Obama give an arousing speech with Economy Solutions in Toledo today...and was really relieved to see him get a warm loud welcome and embracing of his ideas....Meanwhile McCain gave a speech in a little hall ( or highschool gym) in Wilmington Delaware to a pissed off very white audience, tiny crowd....


D.K. Raed said...

OMG! I can hardly watch these people and yet I know I must, even though it costs me a little piece of my soul with every hate-filled ignorant spew. Maybe I am too tolerant, but I don't even blame these people as much as I blame the whole Mc-P nazi campaign & their 2-minute hate speeches (remember, from Orwell's 1984?) & also the media for showing big chunks of McC or P's speeches vs little snips of Obama or Biden.

The ones who screamed in response to being told about Palin wanting to charge rape victims for rape kits --- they screamed stuff like, she (the victim?) should be charged double, or she should die (why? because she reported a rape?) --- their response was so vile & off-target, I can't figure out if they even knew what the issue was.

Fran said...

this was the sidewalk to nowhere..... I feel like I live in a bubble- a progressive/liberal college town, in a Blue state..... we see some McP supporters, but not in angry droves like this. Interesting though when they try to get to some facts-- these angry mobsters try to repeat the buzzwords, but can't site sources.
The other thing hard to take is the "he's a muslim"
this notion that muslim= bad/terrorist.
It's like the new "communist" for the 21st century.
There are over 1.5 billion Muslims in the world. Obviously, most are peace loving people or we'd be in trouble! There are over 9 million Muslims living in the US alone.
Assuming an entire religion is judged by one stereotyped assumption is the kind of venom that creates dictators and wars .

The crazy thing about this, is what other political candidate of a high office, could go to a debate & say, well, I'm not going to answer the questions, but do my own little infomercial with sound bites?
Come on! Does this country really have the 6 pack mentality where rational thought has been entirely abandoned?????

tom said...

Ha Ha, she lost me when she said she was reading!!!

nuff said!!