Wednesday, October 01, 2008

October is here, 34 days to go to END this Titannical Regime..

First off thank you for all of your kind emails and comments these past few days, I really appreciated the Support and encouraging thoughts...Now time to get back to watching the Wreckage come to shore....

CNN has joined in to help VET Palin, so they sent a Team to see if they could see Russia from Alaska, 6-6 and watched this story last night and had a good laugh, so Enjoy.

VOTING has Started in Ohio In Most Counties one can register to Vote and Vote ALL in the Same Day, now until Oct 6th.October 6th is the Last Day to Register to Vote, and between October 6th and November 4th Registered Voters can go to Designated locations in every County to Vote Early. More Obama Poll Leads in Critical States From the AP...And yes Polls are finally showing a Lead in Ohio. And yes, Even in Pa.First the Polls out of PennsylvaniaObama has a double Digit Lead

Okay...time for a little Distraction, 6-6 wants to make movies...and this is the Movie he is researching right now, and it being made by Ron Howard, it is amazing...FROST-NIXON....and he is does look really interesting....Very Different than "W"...give the trailer a peek....( yeah ,my son has a thing about Nixon and Watergate...hmmm, imagine that. )

If you want to see the Real Frost Interview the WHOLE thing is on Youtube.

Trailer for "W"....Due out in a Couple of Weeks...THIS is not going to help King George's DOA Approval Rating, hovering near the teen range....well, the love oozes from the screen....ah, not so much.

More posts below on the Gas Shortage, and Palin's latest Katie Interview and some other snippets. And please do go to the website and read about Some Possible Solutions proposed for the Healthcare Crisis it is assembled by the Medical Community.

I will be back later this afternoon.....take care of each other...Need some music...Click the Title there is U2....

6:30 PM .....So I am sitting watching CBS News waiting for the Next Palin Interview and the phone rings...and WOW..a recorded Messege from Matt Damon, " Hi this is Matt Damon , and I am calling to let you know that you can Vote NOW in Ohio...etcetc"..Well , I gotta say that caught MY attention. Thank You Matt, and yes, I will be voting...and voting for Obama.
9:48 PM Economic Recovery Bill voted on ( the Bailout)...
I have posted the results 74 to 25 in the Comments, it passed Senate- but they tweaked it- 440 pages remember it was 3 pages by Paulson, then 32 by Dodd, then 110 by House, and now this version, I have not find it to read....
More about the Current Revised Bill By David Sirota....


Sewmouse said...

G'morning, E4E

Despite the news, it really IS a lovely, sunny, bit chilly but nice morning. This is going to be a really long comment - please don't shoot me?

I'm an accountant, but not heavily into investment/fund accounting, so I've been doing a bit of rooting around to see if there was anything I could dig up to help ease your mind about the financial markets and banking problems.

I don't know if this will help - but it is info I've gathered from other accountants and some folks I know who are investment-savvy.

When these banks are being grabbed by the Feds and sold to other banks, what is being sold is their ASSETS only. The good news for you and me is that your landlord's and my mortgages are considered ASSETS. (Accounts Receivable counts as an asset, and mortgages are "receivables" to the holding bank.) That means that the folks with mortgages from WaMu will probably get notices soon to start making their payments to Chase &etc.

As long as we keep current with our payments, we won't be forclosed upon. They can't raise our rates unless we have an adjustable rate mortgage. Mine is 30 yr fixed, so I'm ok there - you'd have to ask your landlord if his is fixed or adjustable.

The people who lose on these bank closures are the folks who invested in the banks. My boss has lost quite a bit, as he had money invested in Wachovia and WaMu. Not enough to break him, but it's put a dent in his portfolio. Shares of stock are considered "liabilities" to the bank or company that issues them, so the banks that buy the assets do NOT buy the stock.

Confusing? Yup. Reassuring? A little bit. If your savings are FDIC protected, and you keep making your payments, my financial gurus say you're probably going to survive ok. May pinch a bit, but it will be ok.

Deep "cleaning" breaths?

enigma4ever said...

Oh Sew...
thank you...I have been worried about exactly what you researched....thank you...I am very grateful that you took the time to explain that....and you explained it in a way that my nurse brain can wrap my head around....and yes, deep breath....

D.K. Raed said...

6-6 is onto something. That Frost-Nixon movie looks extremely interesting. I remember it well. Nixon tapped & danced & obfuscated & verbally outdid Frost, but Frost stuck in there & showed us all what Nixon really was. He kept asking Mixon if he would apologize. I was waiting on the edge of my seat for that. Nixon said, NEVER! Aaaah, it was a sublime moment. I'm sure the universe would've exploded if he'd said he was sorry. As it is, we all got to see the miserable prick for what he was.

enigma4ever said...

I remember it too...I think we did not see ALL of it either...I think Rob is does look better..he wants to make a Movie about Bush one day- once ALL the Facts are the future..

Utah Savage said...

Ah yes, I remember it well. Frost v Nixon. I so wanted Nixon prosecuted and JAILED! Fat fecking chance. I am looking forward to W. I'm kind of an Oliver Stone fan. He's uneven, but has his heart in the right place.

Suemouse gives great information. That was very informative.

Now, to get to a recipe problem. I NEED to make zucchini bread. I was sure I had several recipes, but no. I have none. Could you point me in the right direction? I want to use raisons and walnuts. I'm thinking you are the go to woman for a sinfully good zucchini bread recipe. Sorry if this seems frivolous considering the CRISIS IN THE ECONOMY.

enigma4ever said...

I am on it- I actually have some zuchini reciepes....get back to you in a bit here...thanks : -)

Renegade Eye said...

It would be a mistake to be soft on Palin. Snarky types don't respond to softness.

The Dems are allowing and supporting tax cuts with the bailout. It is supported by both candidates.

If some bailout isn't passed, the world will go into recession. If it is, we'll see stagflation.

Ingrid said...

I know you're worried about your bank so I'm hoping for the best. You're beautiful little have cannot be uprooted it simply cannot. feel it's time and you move out of state..I'm rooting for you (the not losing your apartment one, the state one is according to planet alignments and I have no interstellar experience..(although from my house I CAN see the stars[g])


enigma4ever said...

what a mess eh? damned if we do , damned if we don't....geeezus....this is a case of GREED Run-A-Muck....the Dominoes are already tumbling abroad in Asia, Australia and Europe...

You are so right- Palin does not deserve ANY softness. and I think Iffill will test her sorely- good...

Thank you dear Ingrid...thank you so much...yup;...let's check those Stars....

enigma4ever said...

some news for music fans- esp Vermont ( hey mandt??)

No Phish tale: Jamband announces 3 shows, more
By JOHN CURRAN – 1 hour ago
MONTPELIER, Vt. (AP) — Those reunion rumors weren't just cut bait: Four years after disbanding, the time seems right to Phish.
The Vermont-bred foursome on Wednesday announced three concert dates next March in Hampton, Va., a longtime favorite venue for the band and its fiercely loyal fans. Other 2009 dates will be announced later, according to a notice posted on the band's Web site.
Ambrosia Healy, a spokeswoman for the band, confirmed in a news release the dates of March 6, March 7 and March 8, 2009, at the Hampton Coliseum. She said band members weren't available for interviews Wednesday.

D.K. Raed said...

HEY, I just happened to see on DISHNET (my satellite carrier), a new channel devoted to Barack Obama's Plan for America:

Dishnet Channel 5890

It's located in the block of music channels. Wow, this is cool, especially since the news tends to show complete McC speeches but only snippets of Obama. So far, it's just him talking about the bailout. It feels like he's right in my living room talking to me one-on-one! I don't know if other satellite and/or cable tv have also set him up a special channel.

enigma4ever said...

WOW very very cool DK I will post about it tonight..

( damnit I wish I had DISH...hmmm,maybe I will call the cable folks and ask...)

thank you...

enigma4ever said...

9:17 PM LIVE Senate VOTE on Newest "Bailout " Proposal (440 pages)...any second.....

( first preliminary vote 74 to 25.....)

enigma4ever said...

excuse me- this is called the Economic Recovery Act...
Biden and McCain and Obama are all supposed to be there ...Obama did address the Floor earlier...

enigma4ever said...

The actual vote ( better than my crappy tea stained Cspan notes... I went over to DKos...) So look up your senators...Obama, Biden and McCain all voted AYE....
Akaka - Aye
Alexander - Aye
Allard - No
Barasso - Aye No
Baucus - Aye
Bayh - Aye
Bennett - Aye
Biden - Aye
Bingaman - Aye
Bond - Aye
Boxer - Aye
Brown - Aye
Brownback - No
Bunning - No
Burr - Aye
Byrd - Aye
Cantwell - No
Cardin - Aye
Carper -
Casey - Aye
Chambliss - Aye
Clinton - Aye
Coburn - Aye
Cochran - No
Coleman - Aye
Collins - Aye
Conrad - Aye
Corker - Aye
Cornyn - Aye
Craig - Aye
Crapo - No
DeMint - No
Dodd - Aye
Dole - No
Domenici - Aye
Dorgan - No
Durbin - Aye
Ensign - Aye
Enzi - No
Feingold - No
Feinstein - Aye
Graham - Aye
Grassley - Aye
Gregg - Aye
Hagel - Aye
Harkin - Aye
Hatch - Aye
Hutchison - Aye
Inhofe - No
Inoye - Aye
Isakson - Aye
Johnson - No
Kennedy - n/v
Kerry - Aye
Klobuchar - Aye
Kohl - Aye
Kyl - Aye
Landrieu - No
Lautenberg - Aye
Leahy - Aye
Levin - Aye
Lieberman - Aye
Lincoln - Aye
Lugar - Aye
Martinez - Aye
McCain - Aye
McCaskill - Aye
McConnell - Aye
Menendez - Aye
Mikulski - Aye
Murkowski - Aye
Murray - Aye
Nelson, FL - No
Nelson, NE - Aye
Obama - Aye
Pryor - Aye
Reed - Aye
Reid - Aye
Roberts - No
Rockefeller - Aye
Salazar - Aye
Sanders - No
Schumer - Aye
Sessions - No
Shelby - No
Smith - Aye
Snowe - Aye
Specter - Aye
Stabenow - No
Stevens - Aye
Sununu - Aye
Tester - No
Thune - Aye
Vitter - No
Voinovich - Aye
Warner - Aye
Webb - Aye
Whitehouse - Aye
Wicker - No
Wyden - No

74-25, the bill is passed. Or technically, the amendment is agreed to. Now that the amendment is agreed to, they'll vote on passing the bill as amended, which means it's pretty much the exact same vote, as the Majority Leader said.

kid said...

Hey E they got the trailer out for W out already,man its bad,bad for W.It's on you tube if you want to post it,I already did.

enigma4ever said...

Hey Kid..
yup....I posted it too..up above....the W trailer and the Frost-Nixon Trailer too...both look good...

kid said...

Oops, I thought you said trailer out in a couple of weeks.Hey I nominated you for a Brillante Award,congratulations.

enigma4ever said...

oh hey hon..that is okay., worries...oh brilliant ????? really ?

thank you...I appreciate that...I really do...