Thursday, October 02, 2008


Whatever State you Live in , make sure you are registered and in Some States you can Vote Early. Ohio this week passed Legal Hurdles to do just that. So Between now and October 6th, you can to to an Election Center in your County and Register to Vote and Vote ALL in the Same day Until Oct.6th, and then After Oct.6th, if you are registered to Vote you can Vote Early. And People are Voting Early Here. If you want to read a great Voting Story go read KellyBelle.I am encouraging people to post their Voting Stories and Photos, Let's Document OUR History.

When you Vote, remember that there are alot of good reasons to vote, and not write in your cat, Below are many posts that show WHY this Time it Matters, from the Ignorant Palin Videos to the Problems in this Country ( Homeless, tent cities, and the financial Meltdown....) All of it is in the posts below....Voting is a Matter of Humanity.

This Election is about ALL People Voting and This Is OUR Time , Our Moment....


Sewmouse said...

As they say here in Chicago:

"Vote Early, Vote Often"


Fran said...

Oregon votes by mail only, so I'm not sure how compelling my voting story would be...... but I will hand deliver that baby so as to not entrust it to the US postal service.

We can vote early-- and if you do, it stops the political calls. Yet another incentive.

We've not yet received our ballots.

Jackie said...

Perhaps we can play the "Chariots of Fire" theme as you walk in slo-mo to the mailbox, almost accidentally tripping over some lawn furniture or a small shrub or a crafty little gnome? Or we can start with a stalled-traffic journey to the post office, because you've run out of stamps?

I think I really like the idea of a mail-in system - do people there like it?

Our early voting has begun. My husband and I will be voting soon.

Look forward to the liveblog Enigma!

enigma4ever said...

You all are so funny...omg...killing me..I am picturing Fran in Chariots of Fire style- slow motion putting that Ballot in the Box at the PO....tooo funny..

Meanwhile Some Good News:::
The four polls released Wednesday show Obama leading, and for the first time, he has broken the 50 percent approval mark in the biggest battleground state.

What's more, a rolling average of Florida polls shows Obama ahead, albeit barely, for the first time.

• Quinnipiac: Obama leads 51-43.

• InsiderAdvantage/Poll Position: Obama leads 49-46.

• CNN/Time magazine: Obama leads 51-47.

• Suffolk University showed Obama leading 46-42.

• Real Clear Politics average of all Florida polls: Obama up by 3 percentage points.

"The Wall Street meltdown has been a dagger to McCain's political heart," said Peter Brown of the independent Quinnipiac University Polling Institute, who also cited a softening in enthusiasm for McCain's running mate, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin.

The Quinnipiac poll, with 5 percent undecided and 1 percent saying they would vote for another candidate, involved 836 likely voters and had a margin of error of 3.4 percentage points. It was conducted Sept. 27-29, after last week's debate, which focused heavily on the economy.

The McCain campaign dismissed the poll findings.

enigma4ever said...
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Human said...

And bring a friend! In 2004 I signed up to take people to the polls. While waiting for any call I leafleted in front of our small town Polling Station. Only one call came in. I went to the address HQ had given me. It took a while to answer my persistent knock. A middle aged gentleman came to the door and I told him I was there to pick up Mrs. So and So. He said that was his Mother and was surprised that she called for a ride to the polls. He said he wasn't sure she could make it. He told me she just got released from the hospital that day. She had had brain surgery for an blood vessel waiting to explode. I said well she called.
He led me to the living room where he Mother sat. Her head was criss crossed with stitches. She was so happy to see me. It was obvious by her accent that she was from Greece. A consevative guesstimate to her age was 80 years. I asked her if she was sure she was up to it. She said she had seen such "rascals" as Bush in Greece as a young woman. She said she hated Fascists and could not stay at home and be silent. She also said that she is always telling people to vote or lose that right. "Nothing will stop me", she said with a sidelong glare at her son. It was then clear to me that her son was just being protective and trying to keep her at home.....
It took about 20 minutes to get her in the car. Her son went with her into the poll station. A half hour later they came out. She was all smiles. She was so happy to cast her vote.
Even though I myself was crushed by the results, I will always remember the day that I helped her vote. If only if we had a few more Americans like her.
Peace. It's possible. If only more Humans really cared....

enigma4ever said...

that was so beautiful...thank you for hope everyone has stories like this...thank you for all that you do....and refilling the Humanity Jar ;-)

Mariamariacuchita said...

Hey, just a cheery note....have you seen the recent electoral vote count?
Obama=353, McCain=185.

He is so going down.

I think old conservative Texas is even slipping into some blue territory locally. and with only a 9 point difference on the national polls.

McCain is slipping farther down each and every day.

enigma4ever said...

Yeah Maria::
did you see the numbers up above ? wow...stunning....shift ;-)

And McCramps is pulling out of Michigan today ;-)

Mariamariacuchita said...

I did...I'm just following it on my iPhone app. They list each state by percentages too...I love how it is updated every day and I can watch the gap widening.

enigma4ever said...

wow Maria- you are so cool...I am suffering a tad of geekish envy here ;-)

HelenWheels said...

WOW great post & comments!

McSame is getting trounced, I hope this trend keeps up.

Can't WAIT for the debate but I wish I could live blog it AND go to the party :(

I will read the thread when I return, like last time, because I know it will be really entertaining!

Have fun you all!

Hairball said...

Enigma wrote "You all are so funny...omg...killing me..I am picturing Fran in Chariots of Fire style- slow motion putting that Ballot in the Box at the PO....tooo funny.."

I was imagining that too. Mine took a detour when suddenly some McCain supporters showed up to block her from depositing her ballot. Then I heard dueling sports announcers as Fran faked out the McCain supporters and deposited her ballot. Go Fran!! :)

enigma4ever said...

Hey Helen:::
toast us ;-)

Have a great time ;-)

oh that is too funny...we should mini movies of some of these ideas...see ya at 9pm...

Human said...