Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Watch this Video....Young Men Inspired by Obama....and now their Teacher is in trouble, because they are inspired...

I was very moved that these young men are so inspired and want a Future....and read the article here to learn WHY their Teacher is in trouble......( I am trying to research more about the school, apparently it is a school that is trying to help troubled youths turn their lives around..)


Fran said...

Interesting. If the students did this themselves, I don't see how the teacher would be in trouble.
The irony is if they are "high risk" youth who find inspiration in a presidential candidate.... what is the problem?
Better they be immersed in all that poverty has to offer?
The link said:
The video — created in May while Obama and Hillary Clinton were competing for the Democratic nomination, but apparently not posted until recently — brought a wave of complaints on blogs of a public school being much too partisan.

The Urban Community Leadership Academy, 1524 the Paseo, is a project-based learning school that serves about 300 students in the fifth through ninth grades, mostly high-risk students, McGautha said. Nine out of 10 of its students qualify for free or reduced lunch.

You have to be at or near poverty level to qualify for free lunch programs.

They are trying to squlech hope.
Maybe they need to take their hope outside the walls of the federally funded institution?
Sure hope that teacher does not lose their job over this.
Bush would rather have them shut up & enlist.

How much you wanna bet if they were doing a ditty for George Bush it would be called "patriotic"??

enigma4ever said...

I thought the same thing...
about Bush=Patriotism...

I also wonder if it is a Charter School - how do they qualify for the Federal funds....but teaching nothing about Government? or How our Process works ? and since when is Being Inpired about their Future is NOT allowed ???

I also posted about the Stolen Dreams videos...somehow these two go together...