Thursday, March 19, 2009

Brits to have NEW rules for Terror Suspects.....and they are Announcing them Publicly....

Snippet From Guardian Article:::
"The government yesterday bowed to growing pressure over allegations of Britain's complicity in torture by promising to draw up and publish new guidelines for the security and intelligence agencies when they are involved in interrogating detainees abroad.
Announcing the unexpected move to MPs, Gordon Brown said he condemned torture "absolutely" but had asked the intelligence and security committee (ISC) to help draw up new guidelines "in order to have systems that are robust".In a separate move, the prime minister told MPs that compliance with the new guidelines would be monitored by intelligence services commissioner Sir Peter Gibson, a former appeal court judge, who will report annually."
((( Enigma Comment::: Gee are they posturing to say that ONLY the Bush Administration was quilty of torture ??? ...)))

More from another UK paper, the Scotsman, interesting ALL UK papers are reporting, but NO American Newspapers are......

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