Tuesday, March 31, 2009

EPA to test 62 schools in 22 States for Air Quality and Pollution

For the First time in over 8 years Childrens Health will be assessed in a meaningful way, studying the air near schools, measuring Toxic Loads in the air, measuring Heavy Metals and Other Chemicals of Concern....Many of these schools are near Industry or downwind from Industry.I hope they correlate this data with other health stats- ie. asthma and Lead Poisoning, and ADD and Learning Disabilities....Click the Title to learn more,
Enigma's thoughts::: When I lived in the Northwest I submitted a Multimedia Investigation Request for the Town and County that we lived in that had been suffering under a huge Toxic Industrial Burden for many decades as it was downwind from a Chemical Company....and yes, I submitted it in person to the EPA, and one section was dedicated to Children's health, and yes, I requested that Schools be checked, and tested for heavy metals and toxins, as there was Measurable Illness that warranted the request.....EPA Officials sat and looked at me like I was from Mars and had requested the Moon to be delivered on a platter.....so this News made me smile all day.
EPA website explains the Study and Where and What they will be testing.....


Fran said...

Lots of schools are old buildings without proper ventilation. You put 30+ kids in a room with no air flow & you get a carbon dioxide overload. Rooms get stuffy & it makes you groggy & it is a bad learning environment. Then you have asbestos tiles & lead based paint ! Jeez! It;s a wonder any of us survived!!!

I remember a few high school classrooms were tested in our area for inside air quality & they failed, badly.

Glad you feel exonerated re the request for testing.
I can just imagine the raised eyebrow-- you want us to do WHAT???

enigma4ever said...

yeah..it was indeed quite a raised eyebrow.....LOL...

I am just glad that something NOW is being done...

( 8 years of ignoring children and now they are growing up and grown up .....ready to advocate for change too..)