Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Stunning AIG Resignation and read....

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Fran said...

Even though the employees were led to believe they would get their fat bonuses, it seems arrogant and ignorant to think someone working for a company that is failing & struggling AND getting billions in taxpayer bailouts to think the old ways were still on the table.

It was stupid of the management to keep promising the bonus $, and it was stupid of the employees to think that was just A -OK under the circumstances.

That is the whole gist of the problem-- none of them seem to get it.
Hello Your freaking company is in financial crisis....
borrowing money from the federal treasury to keep from going into collapse.

What part of that does this guy not understand??

A promise is a promise????

Boo freaking hoo-- Billions in bailout money is billions in bailout money. Wake up & see the depression!