Wednesday, March 25, 2009

NY Patterson fires 8900 title to read more.

This is Really sad..I hope that ALL options were examined for the State Employees....Early Retirement, Monthly or weekly furloughs etc.... It sounds like all options were pursued...
"NEW YORK ( -- New York Governor David Paterson ordered 8,900 state layoffs after employee unions refused concessions.In a time of "unprecedented fiscal emergency," New York state was "left with no other option" than a state workforce reduction of about 8,900 employees to achieve the savings it needed, according to a memo from the governor's office.In October, Paterson reached out to state employee unions to reach cost-cutting concessions together, according to the memo from director of state operations Dennis Whalen.The state looked into a number of ways to deal with the "record budget deficits" and called upon the unions to partner with the state to reduce costs in order to avoid large-scale layoffs, Whalen's memo said.

But the labor organizations representing the state employees rejected all of Paterson's options, the memo said."

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Fran said...

Just like it is a buyers market for housing right now.... it is an employers market for jobs. Employment is scarce, and employers know they can push the envelope because if you quit or make a fuss, they can probably get 600 applicants with a few days run of a Help Wanted ad-- even for lessor offerings than what the union previously had-- and they can probably get overqualified people with College degrees to fill the positions!
Even the unions have limited bargaining tools.... go along with our offer of be fired.
It sucks but that is the reality.