Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Canadians Welcomed Bush with Shoes.....( Hundreds of Protestors gave him the Welcome he deserved).

Why Bush is giving speechs anywhere and WHO would want to listen to him is beyond me.....But I was truly heartened to hear about his Dismal Trip to Calgary....Read more more here and it will make you smile....or hell, heave a shoe...
More from the Guardian:::
"While up to 400 demonstrators chanted and threw shoes outside the venue – though police disabled a makeshift cannon rigged to fire shoes into the street – Bush steered clear of any criticism of his successor."


Fran said...

Bush, like Alberto Gonzales should learn early on that his murderous resume has made him undesirable anywhere he goes.

Canada Oh Canada! Thanks for delivering the message to the Shrub.

enigma4ever said...

don't you love the Canadians...I too would love to heave a shoe at the great Sniveling Criminal...fuck him..

the walking man said...

200 protesters vs 2000 attendees @ $3100 a ticket. Canadians ain't all that either E. especially seeing as how the speech was given in the Texas of Canada, oil rich Alberta.

enigma4ever said...

actually the numbers we were told was "200"...it was more like 500 and they were good and loud friend...( a got an email from a Vancouver friend...she also said that the Police there were thuggish and had photos of how thuggish they were....)

so I still am glad that they protested...( more than we were ever allowed to do when he came to town- here in Ctown they would quarter off all of downtown so he was safe to drive through town in his motorcade...fast....)