Friday, March 27, 2009

Obama Sending FEMA Head to Fargo today.....Updates on the Flooding in Fargo....

Bloomberg Update from this as the Red River Reaches Historic Levels.... It is expected to exceed records of 112 years, 41 feet above Flood Stage as off 3 PM,expected to reach 43 feet within 24 hours.......Obama has already declared it an Emergency and is sending Aid, and there are 700 Guard Troops helping with the situation, 500 more on the way and 160 Red Cross setting up shelters, and mandatory Evacuations have begun. Voice of America has more.
(NECN/ABC: Moorhead, Minn.) - At 40.37 feet, it is a new record that the Fargo-Moorhead area could do without.
It is predicted that the Red River will make more history in that area on Saturday, and so the around-the-clock sandbagging continued on Friday.The Coast Guard have saved nearly 70 people so far. Friday's focus: shoring up the main dike and building contingency dikes.Still, there are homes in between that would have to be sacrificed."We are in uncharted territory," Fargo Mayor Dennis Walaker said. "No one has ever seen the river at this level in the city of Fargo since the beginning of history.
Latest CBS Video:

92,000 residents still are worried about their homes....


Distributorcap said...

this is all part of the infrastructure we need to build and repair -- we should STOP sending money or giving money or protecting money of all financial firms - what they hell do they do for this country?

Fran said...

So glad he is proactive about the disaster relief.... this is a major natural disaster & help is needed.
Common sense!

Mauigirl said...

What a change - sending FEMA BEFORE the disaster happens. Obama is on the ball!

mau/C said...

Hi there
i didn't's sad