Tuesday, June 03, 2008


Terry MacCaulliffe on the AM shows 5-9am, said that she would Concede, he is her campaign manager. He should know. Then HOURS later, at 3am, he was frantically calling MSNBC and CNN claiming that she was NOT conceding - though AP had already run with the Story , along with EVERY Major Paper. (It was like the FIRST Interview of the Day had NEVER happened.)

Someone should also ask Terry, as he is in Charge of the Budget WHERE the 34 Millon Dollar Debt went?
AND WHO is paying that now- since Hillary was asking for Money again in her speech 1.48 Minutes into her "Speech" tonight.

AND Bill Apologized Supposedly for his Vanity Fair Comments, BUT the MEDIA needs to RUN the Entire Tape that was spoken to Huffington Post, where he BLAMES OBAMA FOR EVERYTHING that has Happened to Hillary- it is over on Huffpost- Listen to the Entire Audio- even the part that the MSM refused to air.He spoke of Obama as badly as he did the reporter. For ANYONE that thinks Hillary should be VP- you must listen to this tape. Period. ( Huffpost linked to the title).

I am not trying to rain on Obama's Glorious Victory, but I am trying to Keep the FACTS on record here.


Fran said...

I am hearing a bunch of blather about Hillary "making a decision about her campaign".
Somebody PLEASE tell her the decision has already been made!

I know it was tough, a long haul, close race, etc-- but now it is over.

As a matter of fact I went to her web site and asked her to please step down gracefully.

It was a short note, but she needs to wrap it up- as quoted earlier--- the train has already left the station.

Now that picture is stuck in my mind, each time she talks, I'll be hearing the WOO WOOOOOH sign of a train heading on down the tracks.

Maybe after a good night's sleep, reality will set in for Hill.

enigma4ever said...

Hey Fran..
I have never seen anything like this- I don't really KNOW what happens next- Russert, Williams and others, even Brokaw- you could tell they were kerflemped- this was not going on script....this was NOT what they had been told all day- even Andrea Mithcell a Clinton Insider had been told all day that there was beautiful dignifed Concession Speech planned...and that that speech was not given...one of her contacts was on AFTER HOURS ( dan abrams show) and she said that this was not the same speech- and that the concession part was REMOVED.....

MSNBC was supposed to get reports from Andrea Mitchelll- that did not happen during the eve- she left and never reported back it was strange..
THEN...we learned from Keith that the Supporters at Hillary's event were in a basement- NO cell- no blackberries and they had NO way of knowing that Obama had WON...none...

So I think it is time for Gore and Carter to lay down the law.....this is it...otherwise there will be bigger problems..

Anonymous said...

Think she is holding out on that concession speech, as a trade off for the VP Slot?

Put nothing past her, she is viscious. A snake.

Thanks again for all the updates.

enigma4ever said...

I have no idea what she wants - I think she wants Prez- not VP...Toobin over on CNN is saying that she is suffering from narcissism...I think so too...malignant narcissism...THIS is ALL about her- NOT about you or me....scary really...I think if it was offered to her- she would say NO....she just wants to be asked....
she is and was Defiant...and self centered..she has no desire to end this...she still thinks THIS is HER party- NOT Obama's .....she spoke of NO one being invisible- but for the most part she has treated Obama like he is indeed Invisible...

I will keep things updated...thanks for being here...

abi said...

Not conceding last night should be the final straw for anyone who is still clinging to the idea that she is acting in good faith.

She's going to continue to hog the spotlight until she gets what she wants. Truly a despicable egomaniac.

enigma4ever said...

I need to add you to the blogroll..you are really wise...I think you are right it is about the spotlight...funny- I mean she had it last night- we were all glued to the tv- she could have given a beautiful eloquent Congratulatory speech...It was a Momentous Night in History..and she took her people to the basement and pretended it did not happen...( it in some ways reminded me of Bush 's flyover of NOLA Moment...a total DENIAL - that was publicly shared..)