Thursday, June 26, 2008

More About Rachel Carson....

In the Post above I mentioned Rachel Carson....she was an amazing woman and she in many ways changed how we talk about Pesticides, she sounded the alarm in the Sixties, and her messege was wellspoken and well written.These two videos below tell more about her. ( there are also more Youtube Videos about her). If you are a lover of Birds and the outdoors you will greatly appreciate her messege and her courage...and try to read Silent is an amazing book.


MandT said...

Your posts just keep getting better and better. Good job!!!

Mauigirl said...

I've always meant to read her book. I'll have to make a point of reading it.

Jeffrey Dach MD said...

Silent Spring

I must say that your video of the life and work of Rachel Carson evoked a strong emotional response.

Since her death from breast cancer in 1964, Rachel Carson has come to be celebrated as a hero by environmentalists. The title “Silent Spring” refers to the sad absence of songbirds in springtime because they die from eating insects containing toxic amounts of DDT and other pesticides.

To read more:

Rachel Carson and Silent Spring by Jeffrey Dach MD

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enigma4ever said...

Thank you so much for your comment..and that you care about Rachel Carson and her contribution to us as a nation....I am a nurse, I have admired her since I was a teenager, her insight, her determination and her dedication to the sad that she died of breast cancer...and sad that people did not know she was battling it when she wrote Silent Spring or spoke at the Congressional Hearings...

I am heartened that Silent Spring is now being reprinted and read by new generations..

I will go explore your website now.

thank you again...