Thursday, June 05, 2008


Obama and Hillary had a secret meeting tonight, they managed to have it without the press breathing hot and heave all over them....they needed to meet. There is much to discuss, much to sort, and much to plan. I hope that it was a start to how to plan how to heal the many rifts and bitterness.Were they able to mend some of the damage and talk? Were they able to admit that it had been a very long battle ? Did he offer her some help planning how to Sooth her Supporters? Did they talk about how to calm Bill ? Did she apologize for her lack of manners on Tuesday ? I hope so...I hope that healing has begun....there is too much at stake...too many people that need Unity.

But shame on the Press for pressuring both of them ,and shoving the "Dream Ticket" every ten minutes, both these candidates and their supporters need a break from them forcefeeding their Own Agenda.

(( On her blog, her supporters still want her to take it to Denver, to take away his Michigan Numbers that the Rules Committee appointed to him.The blog threads at her website are full of anger, irrational rancor, she needs to heal this, and mend fences...maybe he can even help her with that...))

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