Thursday, March 05, 2009

Explosion in Bozeman Montana : Update as of 1:44 PM

"U.S. Senator Max Baucus has issued a statement about Thursday morning's devastating explosion in downtown Bozeman that leveled Boodles restaurant and destroyed other businesses in the area.

"Like all Montanans, I was shocked to learn of the explosion in downtown Bozeman. I pray that no one got hurt in the accident, and have full confidence in the emergency crews that have responded to the scene. Right now, my staff and I are working quickly to gather more information and determine where the federal government might be of assistance in this matter," Baucus said.

The explosion is believed to have originated at Boodles on Main Street. The explosion rocked the city shortly after 8 a.m. Thursday and could be felt in businesses surrounding the area.Several businesses in the area have been destroyed. As far as we know, Boodles, Rocking R bar, the American Legion and Lilly Lu children's were destroyed.No casualties have been reported at this time. Authorities are releasing no details yet on injuries.Authorities have issued evacuations in the area."
Other reports of the AP are raising questions that it was a gas explosion.More updates in the Comment thread.
Footage by a local Mark Ross::: ( more about the video- linked to title):


manifest said...

Hi Enigma,

They've pretty much ruled out anything but a natural gas explosion as of today. There was quite a bit of damage done to the 200 block of Main St., and many businesses are unsure when they'll be able to re-open.

Still amazed that many people were not hurt or killed. There's still one unidentified woman that is unaccounted for. Rescuers hope to begin searching today.

There's a complete roundup of photos and videos from the Bozeman explosion at this blog post from Manifest Creative.

enigma4ever said...

Oh manifest-
thank you so much...
I used to live out west- Montana is so beautiful...and so is Bozeman ( I had friends from there...lovely old town...)

Sounds like Natural gas- truely remarkable that more were not hurt or killed.....

I will come visit your blog- thank you...