Saturday, March 07, 2009

GOP views Healthcare is a "Privilege" ??? the title for more...

These people are soul-less...???? clueless ? heartless ? don't they have friends and neighbors without Insurance ? Every 30 seconds in this Country Someone goes Bankrupt due to Medical Bills...49 Million Without Insurance, 25 million women and children, 50 million Under- Insured, 51 Million without Dental Care, 4.4 million have lost jobs in the past year- unclear how many of those do not have Any Kind of Cobra, Medical Care or Insurance.....It is estimated 10,000 die per year without healthcare or medical care.....This is a Crisis...regardless of what Anyone says...damnit.

(says the UnInsured Nurse...)


Annette said...

I have the video of this jerk.. Wamp.. he is a typical Goper for sure... what a tool.. said the President was a Socialist with insurance being a privilege. I just wanted to slap him. It's no wonder these idiots are in the minority.

Fran said...


Between this & Flush Limbaugh making the rank remark that Obama is moving on to focus on health care because he can;t "fix the economy", rather than the fact there are so many thing to fix he is trying to take care of the priorities.

Flush made the reprehensible statement it would be the Kennedy memorial health care plan by the time it is finished.

What karma that would have been if Rush would have keeled over right after he said that!

Take away their health care benefits & we'd hear them bellow!

Distributorcap said...

when i watched this, i nearly hit the floor -- lets take away HIS socialist health insurance and give Wamp a decent haircut

what a fucking asshole Zach Wamp is