Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Pentagon Knowingly exposed Soldiers to Toxic Waste ( Dangerous Incineration practices were ordered)

Snippet from Huffpost article::
"The Pentagon allegedly endangered U.S. soldiers by implementing and covering-up dangerously toxic waste-incineration practices at Balad Airbase in Iraq during years past, as revealed in a leaked Air Force memo [PDF]. Raw Story, which first reported the leak, writes this:

The document, written by an environmental engineering flight commander in December of 2006 and posted on Wikileaks on Tuesday, details the risks posed to US troops in Iraq by burning garbage at a US airbase. It enumerates myriad risks posed by the practice and identifies various carcinogens released by incinerating waste in open-air pits.According to the document, a US Army Center for Health Promotion and Preventative Medicine investigator said Balad's burn pit was "the worst environmental site I have ever personally visited," including "10 years working... clean-up for the Army."
I have not mentioned this before, but I lived in a small town in the Northwest, and the Company, the Big Evil Chemical Company that I talk about, it Burned Waste at night, Industrial waste and military waste.....the Smells were unreal , from Burnt Rubber to Burnt Carass smells, and to come out in the morning and find Ash all over one's car.....like fresh grey snow....was beyond disgusting....And the health effects were staggering.....Asthma to Heart Disease to Lung Cancer without Origin to Hepatitis rates through the roof.....And that this was Knowlingly Done to Our Soldiers in Iraq is Criminal....


Fran said...

Somebody saved a buck & was probably rewarded for it.
Not just soldiers were exposed, but all Iraqi citizens as well. Between that & the depleted uranium we dumped in weapons, the toxic nightmare will be present forever.

I can't believe this Saturday will mark the 6th year anniversary of the illegal occupation.

Annette said...

This is so sad in every way... between what we did to our military, what we have done to the citizens of Iraq, what we have done to our citizens, the economy of both countries and what we have done to the world.

We have involved others in the mess, by bringing in other countries to the fight and exposing them to the same things. Bush will never be punished enough for what he has done to everyone.