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Gulf Oil Disaster :Day 40 BP's Presser Turned PR Stunt: Must Read Event....

1:30 PM Saturday May29th The Suttles "Clean Up" Conference at the Beach
Doug Suttles held a Press Conference on a Louisiana Beach yesterday , showing up looking casual in a loose button down shirt and ready to update the Press on the Clean Up efforts being deployed.It was one day after the Friday Staged Event in which the President was show a pristine Beach being cleaned by an army of 400 bused in Clean Up Workers. President Obama was steered around the Beach with no interaction with the Workers and one lonely Tarball was examined. Yet we all know that there are Marshes drenched in Oily Goo unprotected by Booms and unvisited by ANY Clean Up Crews. Suttles held the Saturday Presser to "reassure" the Press and the Public that the Obama Beach Tour was "legitimate and not staged". Yet the Presser was full of other pieces of information below that I live-tweeted. (I am still in pursuit of FULL tape of this -please email me link if you find full unedited tape).
This "Clip" was sent out to Business Journals to assure them the Cleanup was progressing well. It contains some interesting concerning Facts stated by Mr.Suttles : BP is "planning to create Tent Cities for the hired Cleanup Workers and also Floating Cleanup Camps". Yet anyone that works with Hazardous Clean up KNOWS that this is very dangerous to make the Workers WORK 12 Hour shifts with the Toxic Clean Up and then make they sleep at THE TOXIC SITE. Add to this Scenario the Floating Camps would be in harms way with Hurricane Season Fast Approaching. I have to wonder if OSHA or EPA or HLS or DHHS has heard of these Dangerous Plans.

This video was very hard to find anywhere, and it turns out that it was just a PR stunt-not an actual news event, hence the difficulty retrieving, but the entire press conference was illuminating and some information came from Suttles that we have not heard before.
Yes, the Name of teh Video is " BP Chief " Clean up is working in the Gulf"
Notes from the "Presser" which the complete Presser can not be found on Video, so I live Tweeted it and those notes will be below..
CNN only has a 2 Minute Edited Clip of this presser that was held today at a Beach.( Fourchan I think ) This video was really well made, DO watch closely as Suttles goes on and on waxing on How Well the Clean up is going the film footage is NOT Suttles but of the Thick oily Goo in the Marshes, with a hand trying to pick it up covered in it.Suttles does mention about the Floating Camps and Tent Citiies in both videos.
YouTube has a little more....

Other Facts from the First Presser Saturday May 29th Day 40 of the Oil Disaster Spoken by Mr.Suttles
(1) When asked by a Reporter for the Exact amount spent on the Disaster Mr.Suttles stated that 940 Million Dollars have been spent by the Federal Government and that BP INTENDS to reimburse.THIS WAS THE FIRST TIME WE HAD BEEN TOLD THAT BP HAS NOT SPENT ANY FUNDS THAT OUR GOVERNMENT HAS BEEN FOOTING THE ENTIRE BILL WAITING FOR REIMBURSEMENT ? ( no reporter present followed up on this Question David Mattingly of CNN was present and did ask questions about dispersant. CNN was the only station that ran the Presser live).

(2) He stated that the Dispersants are working because their OWN tests say so, and that EPA has approved of their using the Dispersant currently being used. ( Yet we know as of 5 days ago EPA had ordered them to stop using, it was also concerning he said THEY meaning BP is doing the Testing,yet we had been told by EPA that they were doing the tests of air,water etc,.This issue needs to be clarified.

(3) The Floating Camps and the Tent Cities is an issue that must be addressed, as stated above. Again an issue that reporters did not follow up on or ask questions. OSHA issue and one Clean Up Worker Safety.

(4) Many of the reporters there were thinking it was an Update on the Topkill process, but he would not answer those questions and said that a New Presser set for 4PM would address those "concerns". ( Indeed the 6PM presser was held to address the Top KIll Failure, and that is posted in another post here.

Enigma Followup Question/Concern: We the public learned this weekend that Prisoners are being used as part of the Clean Up Process hired by BP, no reporter asked regarding this situation, although we have been trying to get more information regarding ALL the Bused in Workers, and their status and care. Their Health is critical and Suttles did say the Clean Up workers are working 12 hour days, there are OSHA Laws to protect their safety and health and wellbeing. BP has NEVER run a Disaster and people's health should not be compromised in this cleanup. OSHA has not been present at any press Conferences that I have seen thus far.

PRISONERS by BP contractor hired to do Gulf CleanUp Work in reputable Southern paper, do read this link.

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