Thursday, May 20, 2010


In Louisiana it is time for the Pelicans to go to their Breeding grounds, but the Oil Slick has now reached the Louisiana's Shores.People on Twitter have been writing to BP begging and nagging them to use HairBooms ( and Hay and Absorbent Booms. Scientists are worried about the 600 Species at risk in the wetlands, marshes and Gulf. It was hoped that BP would use any and all tactics to absorb the Oil and Stop the Leak. There is too much at stake. In the Photos below today photos were take of the Oil , but also how Some Absorbent Booms laid out might help protect the Coastline.( Today's Post is all about the Oil Slick reaching the Coastlines and Shorelines in Louisiana , yesterday's post is about the Dispersant and Volume Issues, and Health and Wildlife Updates).
Coastline with NO Absorbent Booms, you can clearly see how damaging the Red Oily Goo is ( BP describes it in the brochure as "Mousse", it looks nothing like mousse, it clearly looks toxic. These three photos are from Lafourche Parish, Louisiana.

Oily Red Gooey Blobs have reached the Shores in Louisiana, it's really striking and very visible. On the BP hand outs ( I will include link on bottom of page-BP says that it wants to "verify" the Oil, and that it "might be easily confused with Algae" -yes they said that....) To me , even miles away , it is obvious that the Blobs on this Beach are indeed OIL. Governor Jindal's office of Emergency has a photo slideshow of the damage to marshes and wetlands that is a must see.

More Booms-some sort of shredded Fiber being used ( I will be following up with the Photographer to ask about the Fibers and absorbent Booms deployed on this shoreline). The Governors Office has been giving updates on the Situation on Twitter, @GOHSEP , they have continued concerns about shortage of boom west of MS river, pushing the @USCG & @BP_America for more Booms and better protection.

Wed. May 18th, Booms deployed on shoreline-3 Types- Even HAY piles. I am encouraged to see ANY and ALL Absorbent Materials Tested and tried, I would point out by the Brown Pelican nesting grounds and other birds nesting grounds to be really careful and not use Materials that Looks like GOOD bedding for the Pelicans, hopefully the International Bird Rescue and Audubon experts are being dialogued with.
CBS Evening News had been threatened with Arrest when they tried to film Oil reaching Louisiana's Shores last night, but today they filmed and brought us the story. CBS,Sharyl Atkinson and Katie Couric have continued to investigate and report this unfolding story of the Gulf,covering the Impact on people, the ecosystem and the Fishing Industries.Do watch this Video below as Governor Jindell as he sees the Damaged Shoreline and wetlands.

Watch CBS News Videos Online
BP Official Bob Dudley speaking on PBS today saying that "Leak will be capped in about a week" .He is saying this as of Day 30,
and we still don't know how much Oil has been spewed into Gulf.

Must read Article by Bill Finch called "The Slick We Didn't See" asks many of the questions that so many have been asking , especially Scientists as to why BP is not really attempting to STOP the leak-merely slow it ?" and really not examining all that damage that is occurring by the hour.
Truthout has been doing an amazing job tracking the Oil Disaster as for lack of monitoring, and exploring the dangers with other Rigs. Jason Leopold did an amazing post with a Whistle blower from the Atlantis Rig, and now he has a new post up tonight that raises new concerns about Other Problems with BP that again were not properly investigated by the Bush Administration. "How Bush's DOJ Killed a Criminal Probe BP That Threatened to Net Top Officials." is a MUST READ.
Other Updates from this Week
Kevin Costner has been working on investing in an Innovative Company that is studying Oil Seperation. He is willing to put more money into this research and help the Gulf. Do read this link about his efforts, it would be wise at this point for everyone to be willing to be creative and help the Gulf. I hope that BP, NOAA , EPA and the Coast Guard realize that Disasters of this scope require Transparency and Problemsolving involving the Public.
Oil Drum has the latest updates on the Siphon process that is worth reading and the Comments are really educational as well. I for one am very confused, if they are gathering one or two thousand barrels a day, but if they are Siphoning and collecting that oil,shouldn't there be easily accessible Data ?
LA Times has their latest update and it focuses on what the efforts are and how the slick is presenting new challenges.
Another copy of the Full Letter Senator Markey wrote to EPA Director Lisa Jackson regarding Concerns regarding Dispersants being sprayed on the Gulf.
As this disaster continues and Fishermen and Coastal People volunteer to assist with the Clean Up I think we need to make sure that their welfare is protected and respected as they volunteer to help with a situation that may indeed be unhealthy. OSHA has printed guidelines that I hope BP is using and honoring.
OSHA fact sheet has ALL the information that people living and working along the Coastline should read as the Slick Grows and fumes and oil has and is reaching shore.
More Revelant Posts re; HairBooms and EPA work etc. See Below:
The Governors Office of Louisanna has Twitter page has updates that are really helpful about staging,damages, organized efforts. Worth checking a few times a day.
WSJ reported that the TransOcean is trying to limit it's Liability to 27Million.
BP is still refusing to even TRY HairBooms or HairMats to absorb the Oil Slick ( which astounds me -as they Leak Gushes on with no Relief and they talk about shooting golfballs and tires at it ?) Science Daily explains how the Hair Booms Work. And in spite of BP's stubborness on this issue, Matter of Trust Org is already collecting hair for this cause as they know it has worked on the California Coasts, I encourage you to read their website.
BBC is asking questions about the Delay in the Disaster Response, asking why was the Response delayed.
Oil spill video: Times-Picayune reporters give latest updates and coverage.
Audobon Magazine has update on sealife,
Spill update: Oil might've killed 87 sea turtles, 18 birds, 6 dolphins; oil industry tax hike; leak video.

Once again Huffington Post has devoted a whole page to this situation. It is to be noted that Think Progress and Truthout and Raw Story and many other blogs have really been tracking Whistleblower concerns, Animal damage and reports from the Gulf States.
Seafood Resturantes and Suppliers have already started to Sue BP, this has not been reported by Big Media, but local media on the Gulf is starting to Report.
If you want to help,Volunteer or Donate you can still read more of this post. Thank you for caring for the Gulf.
Please do scroll down as all the posts below explain about the Volume and the Sat photos explain about the Oil Spill Entering the SE Loop. I will be updating later on Thursday.


enigma4ever said...

Rep John Hall in Hearings on cspan wed 5.19 questioned Lamarr McKay about the dispersant-he was not able to ask ANY questions about cost-why other choices were made, why no scientists were consulted-he also lied about why COREXIT was chosen,( it was chosen because it was used for the valdez spill). I will post the video when I find it.

Christopher said...

I saw Obama's head of the EPA on TV this afternoon. I don't recall her name but, what a clown.

The cable talkinghead asked a fairly straight forward question:

"Why is BP preventing the Federal government from sending cameras below the surface to film the real amount of oil leakage?"

She basically said:

"Well, I'm from Louisiana so I share your frustration."

WTF? When did the United State Federal government let BP or any other corporation tell it what it can, or can't do?


"A team of CBS news reporters say representatives from BP blocked them from filming oil sludge on the Mississippi wetlands. I thought this was the USA?"

EPA gal:

"We're trying to get to the bottom of that."


Enigma, I know you still adore Obama and have faith in him but please check this out:


Only McCain received more.

It's clear to me, and it is becoming clear to many of us that Obama is in bed with Big Oil. As much as I would like to blame Bush, this is Obama's Interior and it was Obama's Interior who gave BP an environmental report exception to drill in the Deepwater Horizon zone.

Oil in now streaming into the dreaded Loop Current. It will reach the Florida Keys in days and continue up the East Coast. I think it's safe to say we're screwed. This is an utter disaster.

Christopher said...

How do you spell c.o.v.e.r.u.p?