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OILSPILL Update for the Gulf : Saturday May 1st

April29th NASA photo

From BBC diagram shows the Growth and spread of Oil Slick
Now compare this graph that shows Where the Booms are to be set up for Protection,but the Booms Diagram clearly shows that the NOLA Coast is not protected near as well as Biloxi or Pensacola-Someone needs to address this issue STAT:


People looking to volunteer with the response, call (866) 448-5816. To report affected wildlife, call (866) 557-1401, claims (800) 440-0858
If you want to help or Volunteer I have whole post below on how to help that has links and resources.
BBC has extensive coverage of the Disaster and pulls no punches in their coverage and the questions about BP and their handling of this event. They even include the Lawsuits in their reporting. It is also worth seeing the BBC photo section of Animals and birds at risk, really amazing album.
For HEALTH RELATED concerns regarding the oil spill, contact the Poison Control Center at (800) 222-1222.
( as a Nurse I encourage anyone with heart issues or asthma /COPD need to really take care as the fumes come to shore.Also anyone with immune problems or damage. If people do go out while the fumes or air is contaminated remember to cover up and wear masks especially if fumes causes coughing.)
Collaborative Website has Updates from Coast Guard and other groups and Orgs, Including Government Agencies it is called "Deepwater Horizon Response".
EPA has set up whole website for the Gulf and Oilspill and Lisa Jackson said in the Presser today that there were Mobile Labs on the way to monitor the air water and soil. And that Results will be posted on Website she is also going to stay for awhile and monitor and hold town meetings and press conferences. Today seeing her and Ken Salazar there from Interior and Napolitano from HLS and that they stated there will be Investigations was somehow very different, and more transparent.It is unsettling that for the past 8 days BP has been trying to hide this Huge growing Oil Slick. The most concerning revelation from today's presser was that the Rig did explode and there are three actual Leaks.but also that the site is leaking at the Seabed level 5000 feet down.
NOAA is already monitoring effects on the ecosystems and sealife.Oysterbeds are already closing. The First Birds were treated today and More help is being organized to even include the local fisherman getting Hazmat training.
To submit ideas for stopping the OilLeak Call (281) 366-5511 or email #OilSpill
Wall Street Journal has very concerning article explaining that a Safety Device was not on the Rig that might have saved lives. It was not purchased,yet in other countries it is required. It Costs $500,000, it would have saved millions or billions. I encourage you read this post and learn about the Missing part.
NPR Blogs has update about the FEDS concerns about this Disaster and that it is worse than we know.
Attorney General Holder is sending Teams from Justice Department to New Orleans. ( This was announced within hours of the Cabinet members arriving in NOLA. ( EPALisa Jackson and Ken Salazar and Janet Napolitano arrived there today and gave a presser on the situation.I think it is important to remember that for 8 days BP said the situation was under control.But the NASA photos clearly show that the situation was not under control and now we know there are THREE leaks and that there is oil leaking at the Seabed.
Local Fisherman from the Gulf are ready to help with Clean up and get Hazmat training. Please do share this with NOLA Folks and Gulf residents especially if they want to help, because the Fisherman will need help as well.
Greenpeace has photos of the Gulf that are really impressive in showing how dire the situation really is.
On Twitter @SkyTruth has great links and resources.He found this link to RealNews Video that shows how University of Miami is mapping the Disaster. 3minutes.

Jason Leopold has amazing post that is written with reports from a Whistleblower regarding BP's way of handing safety issues that is very concerning but a Must Read in Truthout . It really raises questions about their Responsibility in the disaster.
GAP ( Government Accountibiliaty Project has more details emerging regarding problems that Whistleblowers are bringing forth. hatip to Unclo on Twitter for finding this)
Must read post by John Besh who is a NOLA chef raises questions about what this Disaster will do to the Fishing Industry nad the Wetlands Ecosystem.
NASA photos are stunning and really help show how much of the Gulf is at risk at this point.
Halliburton's role in the BP Disaster will shock you....or not. (Huffpo)
ENIGMA MESSAGE: I am encouraging Everyone to Write to President Obama and demand, request that the OilSpill be declared a Federal Emergency ASAP I watched General Honore on CNN today and he reinforced that this would get Aid and Organization moving MUCH faster. It will not change the rate the disaster is moving at this point, but it will change the rate at which the Response is handled and the Consequences for our Neighbors in the Gulf. This is about their lives, Livelihood and their health and their Coast. Please Write, Call and Email and even twitter today.
You can follow me on Twitter @watergatesummer for all updates during the day. Also have set up a GULF list that is tracking all people/orgs that are tracking the Disaster.


enigma4ever said...

About the Bird in the Photos: First Rescue...

DATE: April 30, 2010 22:33:36 CST
First oiled bird is recovered
Being treated by BP contractor
NEW ORLEANS — One oiled northern gannet, a seabird, has been captured Friday by contactors in the spill area in the gulf, and is being treated by Tristate Bird Rescue and Research, which has been contracted by BP to rehabilitate wildlife. The bird was recovered in the oil slick area by contractors and delivered to the treatment facility in Venice, La.

It is in stable condition and may be eligible for release in about 10 days.

BP is working with multiple oiled wildlife response organizations and local agencies to insure that all oiled wildlife receive quality care.

A northern gannet is a native, fish-eating, diving bird, which winters here and migrates to Newfoundland in the summer.

When oiled birds arrive at the treatment facility, that has been set up just for this purpose, it receives a full physical including blood values, weight, and a thorough examination of the extent of oiling. Many oiled birds are dehydrated, so are generally given an IV and oral hydration. The birds rest for 12-24 hours. When it meets medical criteria it is washed with Dawn detergent. It takes up to four people and up to 45 minutes to wash a large bird. Up to 300 gallons per bird are needed for the cleaning process. All wastewater is controlled and disposed of in accordance with regulations. Cleaned birds are allowed to recover and preen until waterproof, and meeting release criteria. Before release, federal and state wildlife agencies help determine the best locations to release the birds. Federal bird bands are applied to each released bird.

The public is advised not to attempt to rescue oiled or injured birds or wildlife. Doing so can cause more harm than good. If oiled wildlife are found, call the Oiled Wildlife hotline established by BP at (866) 557-1401.

Media contacts: J. Holcomb, International Bird Rescue Center, (707) 249-4870
Tom MacKenzie, USFWS, 678-296-6400

NOTE: Media can visit the facility any day only between 1:00 and 200 p.m. at MSRC, Ft. Jackson, just north of Venice, La.

enigma4ever said...

6AM saturday:

Airplanes by Airforce will be deployed to spray dispersal chemicals on the water.

6000 National guard will be deployed to help with the Disaster.

enigma4ever said...

Robert R Kenedy has filed first lawsuit against the Company- BP ( and transocean)

there are 30 more today.

the costs to BP are 6million/day.
(BP made 6Billion profits this first quarter)

President Obama will visit the Gulf Region this weekend sometime...(we don't know when,but CNN reports it will be today or tomorrow)

enigma4ever said...

7am CNN:
Venice, Louisiana (CNN) -- President Obama is considering a visit to the oil spill area near the Louisiana coast, senior administration officials said, as residents braced for the oil slick creeping toward the shore.

The plans are incomplete, but Obama could visit the region as early as Sunday because of the national significance and potential magnitude of the environmental damage, the officials said.
Federal officials, meanwhile, urged BP to beef up its response as thousands of barrels of oil creep into the Gulf of Mexico.

"We'll continue to urge BP to leverage additional assets," Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano said Friday. "It is time for BP to supplement their current mobilization as the slick of oil moves toward shore."

BP, which owns the ruptured well, said Venice and Port Fourchon will be the first places likely affected by the oil slick.

Interactive: Responding to an oil spill
Video: Time runs out for Alabama fishing town Video: Politics behind the oil spill response Video: First oily bird found near rig site

Doug Suttles, chief operating officer of BP, said the company has had only three priorities since the April 20 rig explosion that led to the oil spill: stop the flow of oil, minimize its impact and keep the public informed.

"We've, so far, mounted the largest response effort ever done in the world," Suttles said. "We've utilized every technology available, we've applied every resource request. ... We welcome every new idea and every offer of support."

BP has been trying to stop the flow by using remote-controlled submarines to activate a valve atop the well, but the valve is not working.
U.S. Sen. David Vitter, R-Louisiana, called on BP and government officials to split their duties over stopping oil flow and cleaning up the spill.

"BP is spread too thin in trying to both cap the well and remediate the damage along the coastline, producing an inefficient and ineffective response," Vitter said in a statement Friday. "I urge all involved to allow BP to focus all of its efforts on building a dome and drilling a relief well at the source of the spill so that federal and state officials can focus their efforts on protecting and cleaning up the coast."

As concerns rose -- particularly in the commercial fishing industry, a critical economic engine for the region -- Obama promised steps to prevent a similar disaster in the future.

The president asked Interior Secretary Ken Salazar "to conduct a thorough review of this incident and report back to me in 30 days on what, if any, additional precautions and technologies should be required to prevent accidents like this from happening again."

Federal officials, including the president, emphasized that BP is legally responsible for paying the costs of the response to and cleanup of the spill.

The president, however, vowed "to meet our responsibilities to any and all affected communities."

Several top administration figures were dispatched to the region Friday, and thousands of federal personnel have joined efforts to help.
Secretary of Defense Robert Gates has approved Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal's request to mobilize 6,000 National Guard troops in response to the massive oil spill expanding in the Gulf of Mexico.

crappy story:
not well done or accurate on a couple of counts..
(1) he said that it was going to be reviewed because of deaths and potential damage.

(2) EPA and Interior and Homeland Security are there and working with the NOAA and Coast Guard- and that there are atleast TWO investigations that will be ongoing to review what caused Explosion and the leaks,deaths and damage

enigma4ever said...

NO NEW Offshore Driling until this Disaster is examined and investigated. CNN forgot to report that too.

Kittie Howard said...

It makes me sick when I think of the poor animals caught up in this mess. The unspoken reality of why areas along the Gulf have more boons than LA is that the other states are Republican and lack the concentration of Dems in NOLA. Happy the Brits are nailing BP; happy Obama is going to the area.

enigma4ever said...

hi kittie...
I know you are following this sorry I don't have much good news to report at this point...I wish i did...

Obama is visiting tomorrow am ...and Holder's Teams have already's an explosion still leaking it needs many of BP's platforms are missing the acoustic monitor that could have prevented this ( the $500,000 part that would have saved billions...)

mommapolitico said...

Great post, Girlfriend. Will tweet and fb it on, if you don't mind. Being a California kid, I remember the devastation of spills as I grew up in a beach town. My heart goes out to the folks on the Gulf. Spreading the word and emailing/calling are proactive actions - don't forget to voice your opposition to any further drilling! As always, good work, my friend.

Jan said...

Since I live way south on the Gulf Coast in TX, this is especially worrisome. A friend just told me about a book she'd read about the disappearing bayous, which was written before Katrina. This seems a final blow. I am grateful for all the links, which I will come back to spend time with after church.