Tuesday, May 04, 2010


Photo from Astro_Soichi posted on Twitter from Space Station taken May 4th, 2010

Nasa Images
{Enigma Message : I am a huge fan of the Gulf. I spent many summers and vacations on Sanibel Island and the Florida Gulf Coast and in my late teens I discovered New Orleans and the Louisiana Gulf. I swam with dolphins when I was 12 by accident. I have a place in my heart for this part of the Country that I can not deny. So in many ways it is getting harder to Blog this or be objective and report . I will not post photos of oily animals or birds or Dolphins, I just can't. It's not that I am "ostriching " that part of the story, because I will be posting Wildlife Recovery efforts. I will also report and show Aerials because I think Photos from Satelites and from Space really show the magnitude of this event, and BP's Legacy. I will continue to post updates and you can email me info or updates and you can still follow my on Twitter @watergatesummer }
If you live in Gulf Coastal Regions I do encourage you to read the OSHA Oilspill Fact Sheet for CleanUp workers as the information applies for those living in the region and experiencing exposure to the Oil Fumes. DHHS and CDC and NIOSH have not issued safety warnings yet. (or responded to my emails effectively). I encourage if you have respiratory or cardiac issues, or Immune Problems to not expose yourself to the Fumes and limit outside exposure.Hopefully Health Risks will start to be examined and precautioned soon.
Skippy's Post " This is not Obama's Katrina This is Cheney's Chernobyl is an great explanation about What went wrong at the Rig and why Cheney and Halliburton are indeed implicated in this Catastrophe.This post is clear and concise and connects the dots and raises new questions.
Latest New York Times article is really alarming in it's predictions for the Gusher that is still not under control. In some ways it is stunning that their own Safety teams were able to analyze their practices and eliminate a $500,000 safety part, but they clearly had No Worst Case Scenarios Plans. NYT points out that this gusher has been growing by the day and that true amount can not be measured. The truth is that this oil is also heavier and clumps, which raises questions about the Dispersant that is now being used. (The total effects of the Chemical Dispersant also are not fully know as to the dangers,risks and effects on the water, the ecosystem or the animals and sea life). NRDC has more has more information about the chemicals being used and their possible effects, and or damage.NRDC explains that this Solvent was created by Exxon in the 1990s but has never had to be used in this manner.
And while we are still watching this Slick Expand we also learn that BP has Limited liability, NRDC explains their 75 million dollar limit or cap and what that now means.
These photos were posted on Twitter yesterday, they are from Jeremy Symons Flicker Page and were posted by NWF and show the red gooey oily water and the effects, from a man-o-war to Dolphins trying to swim. The whole page is stunning.
The article has more about the Chemical that is being used to attack the Oil Slick. It is important to remember that no situation has ever required such large quanities of the chemical and near such a fragile ecosystem.
And while all of us are still trying to grasp what exactly has happened in the Gulf, the Republicans are still pushing their DrillBabyDrill Agenda, Do read Boehner's continued push for drilling for more energy in light of recent Crisis. It shows they are astoundingly greedy and merely Energy Mouthpieces. Think Progress nails the ineptitude in this post.
If you want to help or volunteer in the Gulf Please do read my earlier post and get Training now to assist or help.


Mauigirl said...

This spill is so heartbreaking. Thanks for your coverage on it, I am catching up on my blog reading after a month of being kind of away from it. I have, however, been following the disaster on MSNBC and CNN with my mom and it is just sickening what is happening.

D.K. Raed said...

great link to photos of Jeremy Symons ... that "dispursed oil" does not look too healthy.

enigma4ever said...

thanks DK and maui for keeping up on this....sadly this is what we are looking at ....it's a mess...