Monday, May 31, 2010

Gulf Oil Disaster : Day 42 May 31st ...More Updates later today

Monday May 31st Updates 3PM
Update From Late last Night MUST SEE VIDEO:::
Tony Hayward was Questioned on CNN regarding Sick Clean Up Workers Workers: here is the Video of him saying that they possibly have "Food Poisoning" .(On Friday Presser Suttles in Presser with Coast Guard tried to blame "Heat " for their illness, although we all know Heat does not cause Chest Pain and trouble breathing.)Please see more in Dispersant Post below.

Meanwhile here is the Local Media of NOLA reporting that the Shrimpers were out working on Clean Up and were sprayed by Low flying Planes with COREXIT, and they got sick. From a medical stand point it is doubtful that they got Sprayed with Food Poisoning. This links is a must read found by a Gulf resident.Please do read.
10 AM Post for day 42.....Updates Above

I think none of us at this point can look at the Gushercam or the photos from the Marshes and not have some level of Anger...and distrust...The bigger question is How do we channel that anger into something contructive...something that will help the Gulf ? I don't have the answer....but the photos below are to remind us that the Gulf is a part of us, our history ,
Our Culture as a country...of WHO we are's worth fighting for....After 911 many of us said we are all New Yorkers now...and in a way , a different way, but still a very palpable way...we are all the Gulf now, because what happened in the Gulf could have happened anywhere....a Corporate Ecological Disaster on a mammoth scale...It is up to us to help Our Neighbors and do what is needed to help them, it is the One Right Thing we can do after such a Series of Massive Wrongs...

For Anyone you know who doesn't get the Oil Spill, Ask them to do this graphic, type in your city and watch the Oil Spill Superimposed....It Brings it all home.

And why Wetlands Matter.....

How the Gulf is supposed to look and why it's to be by Gulf Native @ongoliard
Professor at LSU explains the Fragile Wetlands....

First off Some Information from MSNBC this am :
(1) New Government Estimate OIlspill gushing daily :12-19KBarrels/day=510,000-807,500 gallons/Day....(may3st,Day 42)
(2) MSNBC via NOAA Hurricanes perdictions this year Total storms= 12-23/8-14 hurricanes/7 major||El Nino effect worsens it,Highest Atlantic Basin temps EVER on record this year.
I will post more updates later today....please do scroll down below for more information.....plenty there...take your time.


enigma4ever said...

RT @Oil_Leaks: Subsea Barges: Versabar's Unique Idea to Contain #Oil Flowing into the #Gulf of Mexico [Video]

RT @Oil_Leaks: RT @WhoDat35: LSU Marine Scientist: Oil Plumes Under Gulf Surface (AP video) #oilspill #BP #blacktid

Gary said...

The graphic map is powerful. And it will grow and grow, as should our outrage and activism...